Diet oops!


I stood on the scales – well, actually the wii fit board.        After a week on holiday, I was dreading doing it.     

When we were away, we ate well, or is that we ate badly?    I refuse to cook while on holiday.     I mean, I cook every day the rest of the year, so its hardly a holiday for me if I’m stuck in the kitchen when away.    It is a major treat for everyone to not eat properly!       Also, rinsing a few glasses and cups is one thing, but full on washing up is not something I want to be doing when on holiday.

The only food we take with us is breakfast cereals, and snacks, both savoury and sweet.    After that we either eat out or buy in.    It’s very liberating to let someone else do the cooking and clearing up!
The boys love being able to graze on what they like when they like in the caravan.      The first day they go mad, but by the end of the week they have moderated it more!    
We go through a lot of milk as they drink a lot of Crusha milkshake, and I will make them toast if the want it, so we use a lot of bread!   
For our main meal of the day we use the local Takeaway restaurants.     Hubby spends an age researching them, and deciding what he wants.      Also this year the local restaurants leafleted the caravan park on a near daily basis.    There were three of them, two of which delivered directly to the caravan.
Hubby had his Donner keebab, which is something he doesn’t eat any home, so is a major event for him.       D loves a burger, and so usually chooses that, and M just adores chicken nuggets.      I like to have something different, so will try something I’ve not had for a while, like chicken Parmesans.     There is then of course pizza,which always seems to be impressive from local independant outlets.     The boys also love the fact that their Dad encourages what he describes as the breakfast of kings – or leftover pizza to the rest of the world!     Luckily its never been something they have wanted to do at home!     We do tend to eat quite late when away, which of course isn’t that good for us!

So as you see, we have eaten a lot while on holiday.    Every morsel was totally enjoyed.     But as they say, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.    
I was expecting bad news from the scales and I certainly got it!     I then thought about it.     Yes I put on a few pounds on holiday, but who doesn’t?    Also, if I hadn’t lost weight before, it would have a lot worse.      So I’m not going to stress about it.    Now we are back home, we are going back to eating better and at more sensible times.     I just have to get back into the zone.    It’s never easy eating well when the kids are off school, but I have to get back to recording my intake so I can see where I am going wrong!

I’m not sure when I will get time to exercise, as its not something I like doing with an audience.      Maybe I will just have to get the boys doing active things I can join in with!

I need skinny thought, so if anyone has any spare motivation, please send it my way!    I know I can get back to it, I just need to be motivated to do so.


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