The long way home!


It is always sad to say goodbye to the end of a lovely holiday, but to be sad to leave means you’ve had a great time.     I am however one of these people who once its time to head home, I want to be going and not hanging about.

We piled everything back into the car, and said goodbye to the boys cousins before setting off.

Hubby drove the first leg, and by that I mean, he drove to the nearest supermarket so we could fuel up the car!     We also fuelled ourselves with a McDonalds breakfast!    Naughty but nice.

I then took over the driving.    I get travel sick when I am a passenger in a car, but when I drive, I have something to concentrate on, and as long as I am chewing gum, the sickness feeling is put on hold.      The boys had their tablets, and DVDs, as well as juice, and sweeties to keep them supplied.    We were therefore ready for the long trek home.

And then we were off!

The drive was beautiful.   Yorkshire has some amazing scenery that make travelling through it spectacular.

As the boys were occupied we just kept going until we reached the Metro Centre in Newcastle.     As they had been grazing  they weren’t in need of lunch, but the heat meant an ice-cream was in order.

After our legs had been stretched and wees had been done we returned to our boiling car.

We were making good time and stopped for tea just after the Forth Road Bridge.

The journey was going swimmingly.    We had avoided rush hour traffic at Edinburgh so that had to be a good thing!      Last year it had taken us almost 2 hours just for that part of the journey.

It was then the final leg of the journey.     The boys were getting restless by the time we reached Perth, but I am not surprised.      They had done so well as they must have been bored.     I always think once you cross the bridge as you pass Perth you are almost home, despite still having about 80 miles to go.    It’s a mental landmark!

We finally arrived home after just short of 11 hours since we left Haven.     It had been a good journey, with no holdups which is most peculiar!    the boys were brilliant, only getting niggerly in the final few miles.

When I got out of the car, my legs and shoulders ached having been in the same position for so long.      I almost waddled into the house!

The boys were really excited to see old person.     As much as they had loved their holiday, they missed her moaning at them constantly.      I think maybe we should think of taking her away with us at some point before she is too old to go, but I just dread that not being much of a holiday for me!

We unpacked the car, and I just wanted to cry as the reality of being home hit.     There sat five BIG bags of washing staring at me!

I put the first load on and thought, sod it, it’ll get done!      But guess what, after a week of glorious weather, this morning as I went to peg out the first load, the sky opened!     I just hope we don’t have too many of those short sharp showers so I can get some of this mountain dried.    I just wonder how so many clothes can be made dirty in such a short space of time!

It was a great holiday, but we are home again and have to get the boys heads into the place that is the reality of 5 weeks of randomness!     They are already counting down the days until our October break!      It would be  nice to go somewhere different on holiday maybe, but the reality is the boys enjoy the caravan holidays, as there is enough to keep them occupied.

We all had a relaxing time, and just need to remember that feeling as happy and relaxed is a state of mind we could all do with recalling as often as possible.


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