Haven Heaven


Hubby has summed up the holiday perfectly so I don’t need to add anymore!

The World of Neil

Last week, the moment the boys had been looking forward to for month came. We went off on holiday. After our great experience with Haven at Eastertime at Haggerston Castle (http://www.haven.com/parks/northumberland/haggerston-castle/) we decided to book with them again, this time at Primrose Valley just south of Scarborough in Yorkshire (http://www.haven.com/parks/yorkshire/primrose-valley/) The holiday spends saving had been done, the clothes and a gargantuan pile of snack had been packed. Come the morning of Sunday 7 July, we were ready for our week away.

Because of the long journey (its 330 miles to Primrose Valley from our house) we booked a Travelodge for the Sunday night at Gateshead, which would leave us with just 90-odd miles to get to Haven. It proved to be a success. After stopovers at Ikea Edinburgh for the mandatory start of holiday breakfast, and a 4-hour stop at East Links Family Park in Dunbar (http://www.eastlinks.co.uk/) we arrived…

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