SeaLife Centre Scarborough


Today was another great day. The weather was not as sunny as yesterday but we had a semi indoors day planned so it was no big deal.
We were off to the SeaLife centre. We had been given tickets thanks to Merlin Magic wand charity but even if we hadn’t we would have had a day there and it is a full day out.
We had visited on our last visit to Scarborough because both boys are fascinated by the under sea world. M particularly has absorbed a great deal of knowledge thanks to the Octonauts. They are a kids programme on the CBeebies channel. It is a group of animals who travel around in a submarine and learn about sea creatures. After watching these episodes we have looked up the real versions on the National Geographical website. There began his obsession with all things sea which has resulted in visits to aquariums whenever we are near them. He was very upset to learn the Oconauts will be visiting next month so he didn’t get to see them.
Today’s visit has been much talked about. It is probably the one thing that has been most anticipated from the holiday. It lived up to expectations too.
They have a rolling schedule of talks and feedings which keep you moving around the centre.
The penguins, otters and seals are amazing creatures but for all of us it is the sea turtle that is the star of the visit. Like a lot of the animals in the centre, she is there because she was rescued. She had an accident with a boats propeller which left her brain-damaged so she is unable to look after herself. She is a beautiful lady. The boys of course bought their charity bands which go towards funding turtle rescue centres.
The staff at all points are brilliant. They engage with the kids and its amazing to see even M come out of his shell with strangers when he has something to talk about. D went back 3 times to handle the starfish and was even brave enough to take hold of a crab. M was less willing to touch them but poked his finger at the starfish. .
The boys were busy finding the answers to the questions in their log books to gain their medals at the end of the visit.
We lost D at one point when he decided to take a short cut. We had big cuddles and a rather panicky little man for a while.
We had lunch in the restaurant there and considering it is a captive audience, it was fairly reasonable priced. The problem with that though is, it was busy and they were having problems keeping up with the table clearing!
We spent a full 5 hours there and other than the multiple school parties not noticing who they were barging with their backpacks it was a pleasurable visit. The worst part of the visit was definitely the I wanting in the shop! We let both boys choose one thing and then we answered questions all the way back as question after question came to them.
The work done by the Sea Life centres around the world for conservation is amazing. They have breeding programmes which are helping to ensure survival of some species. If tourist visits can help people think before being disrespectful to the world about on just one additional occasion it is a positive experience. Hopefully the children visiting will nag wrong doing adults into making better choices.
The boys have a great thirst for knowledge and this is a subject that they both love. They don’t realise the amount of learning they are doing while they are having fun. As I have said before, accidental learning is a sneaky parental tool parents should utilise whenever possible. Something learned during playtime seems to stick longer.
Thank you Merlin Magic Wand for a brilliant day out.


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