A Day at the beach


Today we spent the perfect family day at Scarborough beach.
I love Scarborough. It is what I consider a proper seaside town. It has a beautiful clean sandy beach. Then it has the row of tourist tat shops and arcades. The weather today has been absolutely glorious. We found our spot, hired our deck chairs, applied our sunscreen and then the boys dug with their new buckets and spades before plunging into the sea. Last time we were there, D decided to dive into the sea fully dressed, so this time we were well organised with swimmers and spare clothes!
M had problems understanding that sand sticks to you when you are soaking wet from the sea and was getting rather frustrated by feeling gritty!
For lunch we did the only thing allowed and had fish and chips on the beach! It was a case of shoeing the seagulls who were on the scrounge! M has experience of them stealing his fish from our last visit here and he was determined it wasn’t going to happen again!
After more digging and splashing it was ice-cream time. Hubby went off with D and they returned with 4 huge 99’s. I’m sure it’s the law to eat them.
After coming on 5 hours and half a bottle of factor 50 later we decided to head off.
We stopped at the rock shop so the boys could buy presents for the old people and their school chums.
When we got back to the caravan there were lots of red bits on show despite all the sun cream. The heat had got to M and he just flopped. Neither boy has much experience of high temperatures! D however was desperate to go to the pool so Hubby and him have gone for a swim.
Its been a lovely day.


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