Heading to town.


Yesterday, Hubby and I went into town for the day.    He needed to collect his new glasses (see yesterdays post), and wanted to buy some new trousers before the holiday.

Going into town isn’t something I particularly enjoy doing and therefore isn’t something I do that often.      I think this is maybe only the second time this year I have been into the city centre for anything other than to go to the cinema.    I have never understood people who go in at least once a week, just because its something they do, rather than because they actually need something.

I have always found the noise and the hubbub of town centres quite disturbing.    There are a lot of people all with tunnel vision to their needs, not paying attention to anyone else around them.     It is a rather disorganised event.     I like logic, and there is no logic to a trip into the shops.

When I was three, I got lost in the town centre.   My Mum went turned to go into the bank, and I kept going, getting lost in the crowd of the market place.   Luckily one of the stall holders gave me an apple and told the policeman on patrol he had me.   My Mum soon appeared and I was in trouble – the story has always been recounted that I wasnt paying attention and wandered off, which maybe true, but now as a parent, I believe you don’t let your kids out of your sight, and at that age always in hand!      This bad experience might have something to do with my dislike of going to the shops.

As I grew up, and worked in restaurants, most in city centres, I just wanted to get out after I had finished my shift, and the last thing I would want to do was go back on my day off!    It was a work environment for me and definitely not a leisure one.

Always being a large size person, meant I never discovered the joy of clothes shopping that girls are meant to experience.    I am built for comfort and not for style, so buying clothes is a necessity and has never been a pleasure.   As a teenager I would go with my friends who were trying on pretty things, but because I knew nothing would fit me, it was a time I was just made to feel awkward – never intentionally I’m sure, but that was the result.

I have often had people make fun of me for doing my Christmas shopping all year round.    There is however method in my madness.   The most obvious one I suppose is it spreads the cost, but on a personal level, it means I have no need to go near the shops in December.     I just can not comprehend people leaving it to the last-minute and having to fight through the crowds and it being hit or miss that you get what you want.    Where is the fun in that?    I suppose my resolve was always helped by the fact that I rarely had a day off in the run up to Christmas, so even if I had wanted to I would not of got the chance to shop.    I have a warm self-satisfied glow when I hear of people in a panic trying to get things late on, when I am happy in the knowledge mine is all done and dusted.     Since the boys, this has changed slightly but only with regards to their Santa present which they seem to change their minds about every two minutes.    They have therefore been told Santa has a cut of point by which time he needs his letter or they get nothing – its amazing how quickly they then make up their minds!

I am the person internet shopping was invented for.    I can buy anything from the comfort of my home, and usually at a much better price.    I am probably personally responsible for the demise of the High Street!         I do except there are products you need to handle before purchasing, but on the whole I don’t need a sales person harassing me so I choose not encounter them.

I do of course still go to the supermarket.    That however is just for my top up shop, as I do my big shop online.    Why should I lug cartons of milk, and tins, if someone will do it for me?   It’s so ease to browse at your leisure, and actually keep an eye on how much you are spending, rather than hope you’ve added it up right when you get to the checkout.   They just need to take the service one step further, and introduce the putting away as well!      Our local supermarket has recently introduced vast banks of self-service tills.    I don’t mind using them if I have a couple of things, but the idea of putting through a big shop fills me with dread, as I know I would be in a panic that I was delaying people behind me.      I feel introducing these is a sign that the strangle hold supermarkets have is only getting tighter as they remove staff to increased their already vulgar profits.        I can imagine that more people will be doing their food shopping on-line as they make it more difficult to use the store.

Anyway, back to yesterday.

We had a lovely morning.    Hubby is happy with his glasses, and very proud of getting trousers 2 sizes smaller.      To celebrate, we went for lunch, well, it is the last grown up time for the next six weeks!      I was happy to go to the places we needed to go, but I had no desire to just look around.

I wont be rushing back into town anytime soon, unless there is something I specially need.    It’s not an environment I feel comfortable in.     There are just too many people rush, rush rushing.    Maybe I’m just getting old and in need of a slower pace of life!    Who knows?   Or maybe I know not to do something I don’t really enjoy doing!


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