Sports Day.


Yesterday was school sports day.    Last year it hadn’t happened because the weather was SO bad.   I think it started raining mid June and finally ended mid August.   After all the hard work and practice the kids had put in, they had to make the sad decision for it not to go ahead.       The year before, which was M’s first sports day, I however didn’t make it to that one because I was in hospital, having my gall bladder removed.      Hubby and the old people went though to cheer him on.


This year, the school had the sense to make contingency plans, and had two days penciled in to do it.    The school doesn’t have a playing field big enough for the event, so the children have to walk the 1/4mile up the road to the Academy (secondary school) to use theirs.      I think all parents had been checking the weather forecast with more enthusiasm than usual, and on Monday, there was a text sent out to say Tues was the day.


The kids have been practising hard for a few weeks.   We have had some tears about it, as a couple of boys were being cruel to D about being too big to run, and they didn’t want to be on his team because he was too slow.     The way they do it though, the kids are in teams, but everyone is doing every race, so it’s not direct competition.     D gives it his all, and who can ask any more of any one than that.    I child who succeeds because he finds something easy is a winner, but someone who works hard to achieve at something they find difficult is a true champion in my books.      D was very proud of being the class VIP the other day (every day one child gets chosen, and they get to be at the front of the line for that day) and the teacher said it was because he had done the practising for sports day properly!    We could see him grow as the pride oozed out of him when he told us this!


Hubby couldn’t get the morning off yesterday, so it was myself and old person who were cheerleaders.       What a great morning it was.    Loads of parents proudly cheering their little darlings, and nobody could fault the enthusiasm any of the kids were putting in.       Each team of 7 kids got 5 minutes at each game, and then the honker went (the horn sounded like a cow in pain!) and they all moved onto the next.    It was a well oiled drill just to move 300 kids around and them all to be in the right place at the right time – well done the organisers!      Afterwards the kids got a bottle of water and some fruit, before having to walk back to the school, just before the rain started spotting.      I managed to just say a quick well done to both boys before they had to head off.   D though in his infinite wisdom wasnt given a straw for his drink, and will never speak up, so didnt get to drink it!


The one complaint from the parents was the cold.    The kids were all running around but even they were putting their tops and jackets on, we were frozen as the wind rushed across the field.     The consensus of opinion was with all the things the school tries to make money from, why nobody had thought to be selling teas and coffees.   They’d have made a fortune!   Maybe if they plan that for next year, it will make the sun come out to counter it – then they can sell juice and ice-lollies!


The boys said they had a great time.   I am very proud of the effort they put in.   Well done to all the kids.


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