Unwelcome house guests.


I hate wasps.     But having said that, I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly met anyone who loves them.     I however happen to be allergic to their stings.

I first discovered my problem with wasps when I was a college.    The college I went to was a beautiful modern building, but the music department was in a rundown old house in the grounds.     Now, that’s not really fair, as I imagine the house in its day would have been magnificent, but with hoards of loud music students passing through its doors, it was past its best.   Those of us who used it though, loved it.   We could make the noise we needed to, and had our own private domain.      Being an old building surrounded by trees, it was often crawling with all sorts of insects.    This particular year though, there were wasps.     An awful lot of wasps.       The department head had complained, but nothing was ever done about it.    That is to say, nothing was ever done about it until people were being stung a lot!     My encounter with the evil striped beasts came one morning.   I was first in the common room, and I opened the window, and BAM.   I had a wasp sticking out of the back of my forearm.      It hurt like hell!      Within ten minutes my arm had doubled in size, and half an hour it hurt so much as the skin was stretched beyond comfortable.      I was told to go home and get to my GP.    It was a 20  minute train ride, and I was feeling groggy.    Luckily one of the older pupils drove me straight to A & E where they gave me drugs to reduce the pain and the swelling.    I will always remember what the doctor said to me, as it was one of those things that makes you think are you for real.    He said that I shouldnt try to get stung again!     Hello, why would anyone try to get stung?   NO, I was just going about my daily business when I was attacked!     Apparently my reaction isnt life threatening, but if I get stung I need to take antihistamines immediately.        They were able to use my trip to the hospital as the final straw to make someone investigate the wasps, and the terminator who came said when he went into the loft he had never seen a nest so big in his 30 years on the job.      Needless to say I stayed out of the department until it was removed!

Ever since then, I am always wary around wasps.    I have only been stung once more, and that was sitting in the garden, one landed on my foot, I didn’t notice and crossed my ankles only to squish it.   I couldn’t wear shoes for about a week and could barely see my toes!

I have tried all sorts of things to ensure wasps don’t come close, but to be honest havent found anything that works.   If we have a picnic or barbecue we light the citronella candles, but the smell of them is so bad, im not sure its worth it.     I have my trusted can of wasp killer that is always close at hand!

At the weekend, D said he had seen wasps going into the air vent in the eve of the dining room.    I cautiously pulled out the vent to look inside, and my worst fear was faced.     There was a nest!


I emptied one can of killer onto it, and went back inside.

D was fascinated by it, and insisted we looked up about wasps on the computer.     Just looking at the pictures had my heart racing and my skin crawling.      But having said that, I cant help but admire the beauty of it.   It is so pretty, and to think it is just made of chewed wood.    Amazing.   Mother nature is an amazing thing.


As beautiful as it is, it had to go.       Hubby went to the local garden centre/DIY shop and bought a can of nest killer.       It came in the form of a foam spray that you coat the nest with.    You are meant to spray from a distance but because of the location of the nest, it had to be up close.     I stayed indoors while he did it, for fear of escapees!


Hopefully this will do the trick.    You have to leave the nest 24 hours and then it should be dead.    It will be hard to remove the remains from there but it will have to be done, having read that wasps can rebuild damaged nests.   I would rather they didn’t come back anytime soon!

D has worried about it since it was discovered.     At bed time, he made sure his window was shut as he didn’t want any wasps that weren’t in the nest when it was sprayed to get into his bed room.       He then has gone on and on about it.    To be honest because of my dislike of the creatures, I don’t want to be talking about them.    I have a logical fear of them, I don’t want it to have illogical elements added.    However, D being D can’t let things go, and I ended up having to be very blunt with him about not wanted to talk about it anymore as it had been dealt with and the nest had been killed.       That still didn’t stop him wanting to know about what wasps do and why!     Well, that got my stock answer of anything intellectual he asks that I either don’t know or don’t want to talk about – “that is something scientists having been trying to work out for years!”       OK, we know they kill lots of insects but that’s not a conversation I thought he needed at bedtime!

M on the other hand wasnt that interested in the wasps, but he picks up terribly on my moods and emotions.     Whenever I am upset about things he will come and just lean his head on me.   He doesn’t know how to put into words that he cares, or he’s worried about me, but this is his way of showing it.       M might not be the most openly emotional person in the world, but I have to be careful around him as he does react to my feelings.   He has said that he doesn’t like me being sad.     This is a beautiful thing to say from any child, but from one who has is problems is quite amazing.     He has given me lots of hugs since we found the nest.   He is a lovely loving child.     I just have to not over respond to him as that has him withdraw.

Hopefully we have got rid of our houseguest now.   We will keep a vigilant eye to ensure they don’t come back anytime soon!


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