Skateraw Fayre.


Yesterday the boys took part in their first public performance with their Jazzercise class.

Both boys were really excited about the prospect of it in the build up, but come the actual day, and both were finding excuses not to be able to go!   D stated he was just too tired and needed a day of rest, while M decided his hay fever was playing up, so he couldn’t stop sneezing!

D suddenly got energy restored to him once he heard there was a barbecue at the fayre and he would be able to get a burger.     The easiest way to D’s heart is to promise him food!!!

M was much easier to deal with, a spoonful of his antihistamine and some eye drops and he was sorted – I didn’t actually hear him sneeze again until we were on the way back to the car afterwards!

It is only a 5 mile drive to the next town, of Newtonhill.   Old person came with us, but why she did I don’t know, as she just found somewhere to sit when we got there and hardly moved until it was time to come home.   We had to park a couple of minutes up the road but not so far as to be a hike for anyone.

We followed the pipe band down the road and D was very excited to see one of his old nursery teachers playing the drums.     I am not a fan of the bagpipes, as to me it sounds like animal cruelty, but live music does add a lot of atmosphere to these occasions.    M decided he was doing his Scottish dancing to it, and did actually look as if he was taking the mickey as he pranced along, but he wasnt, and was just getting into the spirit of the event.

Our first port of call was to get lunch, and the queue at the barbecue was huge, but it made sense to join it as we had about half an hour until the boys had to meet their instructor.     While we were waiting, D encountered the balloon modeller, and was soon waving his sword about.   M was jealous, but would only go over with Hubby in tow.      He was devastated minutes later when the handle burst on it!     The food was worth the wait, and reasonable priced considering it was a captive audience.      It didn’t take long for all 5 of us to demolish our burgers and sausages in buns.

The instructor of the Jazzercise troop, called all the kids together to check who she had, and the kids milled about until being told the stage was running late so they were allowed to go and look about for half an hour.

Both M and D wanted a go at the Nerf shooting range (they have been nagging me for ages about wanting Nerf guns but I really don’t like them having this sort of thing).      D just didn’t have the power in his hands to load the ammo, and was all over the place with his shots.    M on the other hand was much better, and knocked down two of the targets, winning himself a Mars bar.     D found his mark though on the smash a plate stall.     Three balls and a lot of flying china from him –  I must remember to move their box of balls from near the kitchen just in case he decides to have another go!!!!

We then went back to meet up, again to be told they were still running late, and they would be on after the magician.    M loves magic shows, he is totally mesmerised by them, which does actually surprise me considering it isn’t logical, but love them he does, so was really happy when told as long as they were back by the time the magician came off, they were free to go.

We went inside and found a lovely cupcake stall, so we were forced to buy some!    The boys deliberated on their chose, but mine was easy, an Oreo one.     (We had them for our tea when we got home and they were lovely – back to the diet today!!!)       M watched the show, while D wanted to win something from the tombola.     Sure enough he did!    He won a baseball cap, and a Milky Way.    I won some nice smellies!         There was a lovely mix of stalls, from professional sellers, to local groups with plants, and toys.

It was then show time!     We deposited the boys and took our place to watch.     It was the same routines they did at the end of term show, and it was brilliant.    Both boys refused to stay in line.   D working his way across the stage – he said afterward he couldn’t see the instructor from the side where he was.       He did look very serious the whole time he was on stage, and anyone who didn’t know him could mistake that for not enjoying it, but in fact it was pure concentration.      M started out towards the middle of the front row of the group, only to find himself in front of everyone else.   He was giving it all he had.    He might not have all the moves down but what he lacks in technique he makes up for in enthusiasm.     I asked him why he took himself out the line, and he explained that he gets confused if he’s watching the other dancers, and he just likes seeing the instructor.    I can understand that explanation, as at school, he often has to be at the front of a group so he’s not seeing too many people.      The show went down well, and of course the parents made sure they all had big cheers.

I had promised the boys strawberries and ice-cream if they performed well, so I went off to get that.   D came and took the bowls from me, as I stopped gossiping with them in hand!!!

Some of their friends were in other groups that were still to perform, but they just wanted to go out and do the bouncy assault course.   I’m sure they performed brilliantly too.   I also missed a friend of mine who is in the panto troop, as I would have loved to have seen that, but never mind!    The boys had done their duty and done it well, they deserved to run about afterwards!

I was proud of how well they coped with the new experience of the stage.   They have both done the nativity at school, and classes take turns in doing assembly, but a group of total strange is something really different.       I know when I performed it was much easier in a proper theatre where the lighting means you can’t see the audience – you can’t see them, then you don’t have to worry about them!      I think maybe the instructor may have to think of someway to keep M in place before the next performance at the end of August!

I am definitely a proud Mummy right now as they coped well in a situation that was new and some what nerve wrecking!     Well done boys (and the rest of the kids!).


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  1. Sounds like a fun day. The Nerf gun reference made me smile. We always had a strict ban on any kind of toy weapons or fighting games. But we made an exception for Nerf guns, because our son merely saw them as a physics challenge – how to take apart the launchers and modify them so they would shoot farther and harder. Many hours of fun and experimenting for him! 🙂

  2. Everything in our house becomes a brother basher! Even the calmest of toys will find a way to be a weapon. Often their magazines have toys that shoot discs and the likes and I count down the seconds from them being opened to the screams of “he fired it and it hit me”. Goodness knows the harm they would inflict on each other with something with some power in it! 🙂

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