Preparing myself for the summer.


Yesterday I spoke of how the boys are coping with the impending end of term, and how the holidays affect them.   It does however affect the whole household.

We  have to cope with D’s frustration because he can’t do exactly what he wants when he wants, and not understanding that it isn’t raining just to stop him going onto the trampoline.     As well M being angry with the world because the lack of routine just screws with his head.    It is upsetting to see how the freedom isn’t a free-flowing situation for them.

This next week and a bit is my time to ready the house, and myself for the onslaught of the six weeks.     I have put aside my deep cleaning and tidying of the house in favour of just making sure it is livable, and the toy boxes are accessible.       Over the summer the boys wont care if I’ve cleaned windows or shampooed carpets, but they will get annoyed if there is something missing out of a game they pick up to play or the final piece of a Lego set isn’t there.     Now, like most Mums, I spend half of my life telling the children to put toys away properly and that if there are bits missing the next time they go to play with it then it is their lose.      Most of the time with some coaxing they are good at returning things to the boxes they come out of, but I do seem to spend a lot of my day picking up Lego men and the likes that havent found their way home!      Unlike neuro typical child though, that will eventually learn the lesson that the pieces aren’t there because I didn’t put them away, my boys will have major meltdowns at things not being where they should.      While I do my best to teach them how to ensure things are correctly put, it is worth my while to check they are right.    If I can head off as many potential problematic situations as possible then it makes life easier for everyone, especially me!

I have already told all 3 of my men, that if they want specific clothes for going away, they need to be through the wash this coming weekend.   I am not spending the day before packing trying to dry things that they can not live without, but I know someone will remember something next Friday (we go away Sunday).       The boys have done a list of all their cuddly buds that are coming with them, and they will have their bath at the start of next week – you can’t go on holiday unless you’re clean now can you?

The boys have said this weekend they will sort out their clothes, so that will help.    I always get them to choose which t-shirts and the likes they want to take, even if I change them for something more appropriate afterwards!    Going away in this country is always difficult to know what to take, as we can have all seasons in one day.   Last year our holiday was changed at the last-minute because the caravan park we were going to was flooded out with torrential rain we had been having for over a week – fingers crossed we don’t have that again!    We always take too much, but I would rather that than not enough.

I will food shop next week both for us to take with us, and for my Mum who is staying at home.   If I didn’t get food in for her, she wouldn’t eat, so I make sure she has the basics, and a freezer full of ready meals so she can have a hot meal with little effort.    I do worry about leaving her, as she is getting more dithery, but Hubbys Mum will phone her, and our neighbours are very good keeping an eye on her, and doing things like taking the bins in.

Hubby finishes up at work on Wednesday so he has a couple of days at home to prepare the car.   We have decided we are going to have a grown up day out, just because we can, and will probably go to the cinema and have lunch.   I think I will need some adult time as by mid-August I will be a jibbering mess with hours of Tom & Jerry and Scooby-Doo.

I am looking forward to the time with my babies.    It is always fun, even if sometimes you cant see it because there is the meltdowns and the frustration.    Last year the holidays flew past because we had plenty of plans, I hope it does the same this.      I just have to make sure I can keep it together as me loosing it helps nobody.

My birthday is in the middle of the holidays, and Hubby has promised me a spa day for when the kids return to school.   I know I will definitely need some de-stressing by then so something to look forward to!

Now, I must return to reuniting Lego Darth Vader with his Death Star!


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