bullying will NEVER win!


at least i have a brain




not acceptable



and not always children.

and by saying NOTHING we silently endorse it.

well NO.


above them

i teach my CHILDREN they are worth more.

NEVER accept bullying

take help

never watch someone else being bullied.

so why should i tolerate ugly unchristian behaviour in my life?

yes correct.

i won’t

am out.

isolate a bully

and you find a coward.

a coward who has made a lifetime out of being hideous on the inside.

let them blacken my character,

i know what i am

and i know what i deserve

Bullying in an adult doesn’t frighten me.

but it DISGUSTS me

and i will NEVER be affiliated with it in any part of my life.


with this in mind

i feel so strong.

and so right!

goodbye venom…

Helen grows up.


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