Despicable Me 2.


Today was the much awaited day we got to see Despicable Me 2 (      I actually had the right date this time, having mistakenly thought it was last weekend it was opening and not this one.

For those of you that havent seen the first movie, where have you been?      It is a brilliant film (, about an arch baddie, who steals the moon, but has his heart stolen at the same time by 3 orphan girls who he ends up adopting.     It is a lovely feel good animated film, that we only saw because I actually won a Blu-ray copy of the movie!      It soon became one of M’s obsession movies, and it is still one I can see over and over again without losing the humour of it – there aren’t too many films in that category!    If you havent seen it, I would strongly recommend it as there are real laugh out loud moments, and the violence is all comic book style.

The boys had been going on about going to see the second installment from the moment the first heard it was being made!    I must admit, that I was very keen on the idea too.     We don’t usually go to full price films, because they tend to be busy, and, let’s be honest, for the 4 of us to go to the cinema to see a 3D movie, we could wait and buy 2 copies of the DVD when it’s released!     We do often do kids club on a Sunday morning as the tickets are only £1 if you book them online for our local Cineworld.       Kids club tends to not be so busy, and with lots of children there, if the boys need to move about then it’s not so noticeable.     Also if the film doesn’t grab them then it’s not a small fortune wasted!      The boys are very good in the cinema, but do like to get up and down a little bit as sitting still isn’t something they are good at.    Many cinema chains now do autism friendly screenings, that the lights are not dimmed so much and the sound track isn’t at such a high volume, but the ticket prices are hardly discounted, so it becomes an expensive trip out.    We’ve seen some really good films thanks to kids club.

Today though was a special treat of a belated fathers day present, so it was brand new movie, on preview weekend, and in 3D.    The boys were so excited about the 3D glasses.   They have experienced 3D before when on holiday we went to a 4D show at Drayton Manor and they were fascinated by the whole experience.      We timed it so we only arrived with enough time to use the toilet and find our seats before the trailers started – if we’re there too early they drink all their juice and need the loo a dozen times through the movie.       It’s a fine line for enough time to settle but not too much time that they become restless before it begins.

Through the trailers D was on and off with the glasses trying to see the difference, and I thought it would be a long film if that went on, but once the main picture started, he only moved to put his had in his sweetie bag, other than that he was riveted to the screen.    I had to check a couple of times he was alright as he was so still!

I wont go into the plot of the movie as I don’t want to ruin it for you.     I will say, it is another brilliant movie that I would strongly recommend.      Gru, our hero, saves the world, with the help of his wonderful girls, and his trusted minions.      There might not be so many belly laughs in this one as the first, but it has its funny moments that had adults as well as children laughing in the cinema.    There is of course the toilet references for the little boys, and who can not laugh at a 21 gun salute from fart guns (especially as they comment there was one more than there should have been)?      The movie has a very happy ending that gives a real “AHHH” moment that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.      Definitely go and see it if you saw the first one, but its funny as a stand alone film too.

At the end of films, there is usually the rush for the stairs as the credits begin to roll, but not one bum came off its seat as everyone waited to see what the minions were getting up, and we weren’t let down.     D was trying to grab the party blowers as they came out the screen at him!

All in all a great movie, that we all enjoyed.      As we left the cinema, both D and M asked if we could buy it on DVD when it comes out!    That’s the seal of approval if ever you needed one.      Both boys were rubbing their eyes for about an hour afterwards, and mine felt odd for a bit too, but that’s the joys of going to 3D cinema.

There are a lot of films the boys want to see over the summer, Smurfs 2, Monsters University, Planes, but they will have to wait to be kids club movies in the autumn.    They will be something to look forward to after they go back to school!


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