D’s big Day.


Yesterday was a big day for D, not only was it his school trip but also the day he found out his teacher for the next phase of his journey at school.

He had been over excited about the idea of his trip since the day it was first mentioned to them.     His class, and the other P1 class were heading off to Drum Castle (http://www.nts.org.uk/Property/Drum-Castle-Garden-Estate/) which is only a short drive from where we are, and a place we have visited many times.    It is however very different going with the rest of your class mates!    Some how that makes it even more exciting.

Every day for the past week, he has been wishing time to go quickly, with constant references to the day out.       Finally yesterday arrived.     They could wear what they liked, so he opted for joggers and a rugby shirt, along with his trusted trainers with the holes – they havent actually got holes in them, they have the air vents in the heels, but ever since he got them, he has referred to them as his trainers with the holes!      The weather was over cast, but the forecast was good.    I therefore put sunscreen on any exposed bits, and made sure he had a hat (but later found out he didn’t wear it saying he’d left it at home!).

He seemed quite apprehensive walking up to school, but when asked said he was just very excited.   I believe he was, he would be sharing a place he loved with his friends, and that is a big deal to him.     He asked that Daddy and I waited to wave off the bus.    They were due to leave about 9.15 so it wasnt exactly having to wait for long.    There were several parents waiting, all having been given orders!   One Mum said she had popped out of work, as her son wanted her there as they went, so it’s not just D who can be a pain in the bum!

On time a precession of children all paired off emerged and boarded the bus, D waved as he got on.     He was of course paired with his best friend and they got the seat by the middle door, so at least he didn’t have someone in front of him complaining he was kicking their seat all the way!!!!      His friends Mum was one of the parent helpers, so D was happy he had someone with him that understood he wasnt being awkward if he couldn’t keep up, which is always a worry for him.

The coach pulled out and immediately got stuck in the turning circle outside the school!    The driver did a lot of tight turning and managed to miss the strangely parked cars.   D was waving and blowing kisses like mad.    You’d think they were joining the Army, not to be seen again, rather than going 15 miles down the road and back for the normal end of class time!   But they were finally away!

At home time, 50 totally shattered children plodded out of the P1 door.     It was obvious they had had a great day!     They were however clutching pieces of paper telling them their teachers for next term.

D was really pleased he had the P2 teacher he had wanted.   I don’t know her, but if he is happy to be in her class then that is the first major hurdle for the new term passed without an eyelid batted!     His friends Mum asked me who D had, and when I said, she punched the air, as they have kept the two of them together.    It’s good to know that it’s a mutual thing for the parents to keep them together and that I am not hoisting my son on him and it not being wanted.     I think while D is happy to work with other children, he likes the comfort of knowing his friend is close by.     There was a lot of excited chatter on the playground as the kids were asking each other who they were having.    One of their friends was very happy he was going to be in their class next year, as he had been separate from them this.   There were tears from some of the older kids who have been split for each other – 2 friends of M have been separated, and M said it was because they were always talking in class, if he sees it, the teacher has, and he is probably right about why they are now in different classes!        M already knew he was staying with his present teacher so he gets some stability that he has previously lacked with a constant turn over of teachers.

D didn’t talk much about his day until later on.    I think it was a combination of being tired, and the new teacher buzz.     His friends Mum said he had been good, and had managed the VERY long walk they had done through the woods.      She also said that he had upset one of his girlfriends at lunchtime by saying he loved another girl!   The first one apparently got a little annoyed telling him she thought he loved her best!!!   Good old D and his harem.

After tea, D and Hubby went out onto the trampoline and I could hear him telling about his day.   He then told me about it at bed time.       One thing for certain, all that fresh air shattered him!    He was a sleep really quickly and slept like a log.

This morning however, he has a new set of worries.      It wouldn’t be my wee man if he didn’t have something to burden himself with.    He is now worried about the new term because his classroom is upstairs.      How can that possibly be a worry?    Well, he is worried he will be too slow on the stairs and upset other children.    I’ve suggested until he gets used to going up and down them every day, he gets himself to the back of the line for going in, so he doesn’t feel rushed going up them.        He’s very concerned about upsetting other kids because he is too slow at the moment, because he had some boys not wanting to be in his team for sports day because they would lose with him there.     It’s not fair the way kids speak to each other, but we have to build his confidence back up by not allowing things he perceives as problems actually becoming them.

D may be a tortoise rather than a hare, but with his sheer determination, he can and will achieve anything he puts his mind to, and woe betide anyone who thinks they will stand in his way!


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