Woo me!


Today I am VERY proud of myself.

I had my weigh in and I have finally gone below the 19 stone.      I can honestly not remember when I last managed that, other than when I was pregnant as I lost so much weight then as both times I didn’t eat for nine months!     When I weighed this morning, I think they heard me scream with delight in the city centre!       It is a great psychological barrier to have passed.     I know I have to work hard now not to let it ever go back over that line.        My BMI has also now dropped below 43, something it hasn’t been since I started monitoring it.    I am well chuffed with myself, so pass the cream cakes and lets celebrate!   No?    Oh well, I think I might have to think of a healthier treat for myself to celebrate as I do believe I deserve it!

I also went to the doctors today for the results of all the blood tests and ECG that I had.     I was really scared about this.   I know we start to fall apart as we get older, but I’m hoping there are a few more good years in me yet.

The blood tests all came back fine, which is good news.

Thyroid is something I am always concerned about as there is a family history of problems going back a couple of generations that we are aware of, but that was nothing to worry about.

My cholesterol is on the high side for the national average, but is within the Scottish tolerated level.   The doctor said it was something that we might just keep an eye on to make sure it doesn’t creep up.    I asked about causes of it being high, as I rarely eat red meat – bacon being all, and don’t have butter or hard fat, and milk products are always low-fat.     He just shrugged and said, if I’m not eating the things that cause it, then its just the amount my body produces, so even more reason to monitor it!     He also said that if we all live long enough, we’ll all have high cholesterol as our bodies can’t control its production!

The big worry from the blood tests was diabetes.    There would have been an irony in there if I was diagnosed with diabetes having managed to ween myself off the biscuits this last couple of months.      It was borderline though, and the doctor was very encouraging when I told him about my weight lose, he joked that it was probably a good job I wasnt tested before I’d lost some weight as he might have been calling for additional tests!     He also said if I carry on the steady weight lose then I will no doubt see myself move away from the threat threshold.     It was nice for a change for a doctor t be positive and not tell me to drop 5 stone by the end of the week or else!      Doctors – especially skinny ones, seem to think its easy to lose weight, but it doesn’t seem to work like that, and those of us who have spent our lives trying find the frustration to health care professionals attitude send us to the biscuit barrel!

Then we moved on to talk about me ECG.     The doctor said the computer that analyses the results has flagged up a problem.    He says, when he looks at it, he can’t see that it is anything to worry about.      How can you not worry when someone tells you this?!     He says the computer analysis of my heart show signs of previous damage.     How can my heart be damaged and I know nothing about it?     He says until we run more tests to see whats going on, we can’t know, but he kept saying that from his look at the graph he thought my heart was ok!      I am therefore going to have to have a scan of my heart to see whats actually going on in there.       Luckily this can be done at the local community hospital and would be really quickly.         It’s a very frightening thought though that my heart might not be working properly.    I’m hoping he is right and the computer is wrong!         He said depending on what the results of this were as to what happens next.    If it shows problems, I will probably be on blood pressure tablets immediately.     If it shows nothing, then I will get a blood pressure monitor attached for 24 hours so they can monitor to check for hyper-tension.   If that is the case, then, I will be put onto blood pressure tablets!      I see a pattern forming here.    I think he has made up his mind that I will somehow or another end up on blood pressure medication, but I suppose it is important to find out what the exact reason for needing them is!

After all this information of what ifs, he then decides to take my blood pressure!      I was expecting it to be through the roof after trying to take in and understand everything he had told me, but no, it was normal!      Can you believe it?    If it had been normal when I was at the clinic about my tonsils, then none of this would be happening.     Scary that a rogue reading could lead me down this path.

How do I feel about all he told me today?   Well, it’s a lot to take in.    I am happy all my bloods came back normal as I was really expecting to be told I was diabetic.   I am worried about the potential heart problems, of course I am, but the doctor was very reassuring that he believed it was nothing serious and he was sending me for the tests as I was flagged on the system as being at risk.     We will see what comes of the scan, and move forward with whatever information comes from it.    There is no point in trying to second guess anything.

Today though, I am only going to be basking in my glory of my 18lb weight lose in the past ten weeks!



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