Happy Fathers Day.



Today is the day we say thank you to the Dads of this world.     I miss my Dad, he died in 1996, as a result of bowel cancer and secondary liver cancer.      I miss him every day as he was a real character.    He was the person everybody knew.    You could go into a room of 100 people and instantly you knew where he was as his voice boomed above  everyone else’s.    We lived in a council house, and had little spare money, but we had the most important thing, a loving home.    We were of the generation that was scared when they heard the words “wait until your father gets home” but he wasn’t a scary sort.   He worked hard, loved his rugby and ice-hockey.     I learned to respected him as well as love him.   He sacrificed a lot for the love of his family.     We went on trips, and played music around the country, and overseas, and he never complained that we lived hand to mouth and he didn’t see any time or money for himself.   I never once heard him complain of what he made sure we had.    When he died, my world fell apart.   The last few months of his life were horrible watching this vibarant man disappear and this frail stranger appear.    I still cry when I think of this time, but I remember the happy times.     He would have loved the boys and enriched their lives in ways I can only imagine.    It is sad they will never know his wicked sense of humour or his infectious laugh.    They know him through tales I tell of him, as he is still alive in my heart, and I love him dearly. 
Happy Fathers day all you wonderful men.   Society seems to down play the role of the Daddy, but I thank you my Daddy, and my Hubby for being such a wonderful Daddy to our children.


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  1. My father also died in 1996. He never got to see his grandsons, whom he would have loved and done anything and everything to help. I hope your father and my father are together in Heaven, watching our children grow and develop in all sorts of amazing ways.

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