Autism and the Challenge of Change


The World of Neil

Change is something that many of us are uncomfortable with. The unknown and the unfamiliar can be frightening, and often we’ll try to find ways to avoid the change. But change is a part of everyday life, and the world is constantly changing. In general, we’re capable of adapting to changes in our lives. Humans are amazing, and handle change well. We went to see The Croods on Sunday. Its set in the Stoneage where the earth was an incredibly harsh and unforgiving environment. It did strike me how amazing it was that early humans survived. They survived because they were able to change, and change the world around them.

Change is relatively easy to cope with for many, but that’s not always the case for an autistic child. ASD kids are often a slave to routine, as we have found with both Matthew and Daniel. We’ve learned to develop…

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