We have had a couple of weeks of glorious weather recently.    After the long grey winter they have been anticipated.

The gardens are looking colourful and the grass needs cutting again within a couple of days of its last cut – they do say half the world is trying to grow grass and the other half is trying to get rid of it!    All good signs we have definately said goodbye to winter.

I love the spring.   It is a time of hope.    A time to believe in new beginnings.     It may be late this year, but it is none the less full of the potential of greatness.     The sun shines and everyone becomes friendly when you pass them in the street.    Probably because we aren’t huddled under hoods or umbrellas.     People being nice to each other is a magnificent thing.    A friendly greeting in passing might be the only human contact a person gets during the day, and if a smile and a good morning can lift their spirits, then the days has been a good one.

Talking about the weather unites us as a nation.    It flows through our blood, our universal distrust of all things weather related!    We don’t even mention what we are talking about when we say “nice isn’t it?”   or “could have done without this today!”     Totally random statements yet we understand what the other person means instantly!      It also brings out the sarcasm in the majority who don’t use it in regular conversation.   “lovely isn’t it?” – usually means its raining again, but we still understand.     We are born to moan about the weather.

We are lucky in this country that we don’t get extremes of weather.    You watch the news and see tornadoes, hurricane’s, bush fires, etc, and I just can’t comprehend what the people living with these things are going through, and to be honest I don’t want!   I just know I think, thank goodness we don’t anything like that.    When you hear of the evil side of Mother Natures character, you think we are very lucky here.

The hope of spring can be seen as we look about.   The local environment to where we live is beautiful.      Just 10 miles from the oil capital of Europe and you are in the most beautiful countryside.    So beautiful in fact that people come from all around the world to admire it.   Even the Queen has an estate in the area!       One reason for the magnificence of the area, is the volume of rain we get, but on the dry days it has to be admired.

The local National Trust properties are fabulous for a day out.   The boys love to march around the likes of Drum Castle (http://www.nts.org.uk/Property/Drum-Castle-Garden-Estate/) or Crathes Castle (http://www.nts.org.uk/Property/Crathes-Castle-Garden-Estate/), but it is a nightmare constantly telling them not to touch!     D’s class is actually off to Drum Castle next week for their end of year trip, so he is VERY happy, I don’t envy the staff going with them!       The grounds of these properties are really where they come alive for me.    The formal gardens are so pretty, but the woods are where my interest comes to bare.    The beauty of nature in the wild.      The boys of course love to run riot, but they have learned respect for the wild flowers, and fungi we see along the way.   D has a really good idea, and will take photos as he goes.    M will find interesting things but will run off as soon as he has pointed it out to anyone.

I have lived in various parts of the country from when I lived and worked in hotels.   Basingstoke, the town I grew up in, is a huge purpose-built town, that is close to the south coast, and London equally.      I lived in a tiny village in North Wales which had magnificent countryside, and yet it is not in the same league as the area I now live in.

We are very lucky that the boys are growing up where there is still real fresh air.     I do moan that we are so far away from everything here, but you can’t have everything.

We will get out and about as the weather hopefully improves as we drift into summer.    We are due a good one, having not had more than a couple of days of good weather last year.     We keep our fingers crossed!    The problem is, the forecast says the rain returns tomorrow!    Oh well, it was good while it lasted.   I just hope come October we’re not saying, that the beginning of June was summer!


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