Chasing my tail.


Some days you just feel like you are on the go the whole time and yet you don’t seem to achieve much.     It is usually a Monday when I have these days, and I am sure it’s having to clear the bomb damage of the weekend!

Today has been one such day.

It start with D in a total strop this morning.   I had to wake him which is never a good sign for his mood.   Lets face it though, who actually likes being woken up rather than just doing it in your own time?      He was grumpy and every knew it.    Then when it came to putting on shoes for school, all hell broke loose.     The boys had new trainers at the weekend, but D suddenly decided he wanted to wear the ones M had – they have the same size feet.    He then decided, end of world style, that he couldn’t wear any other shoes.     It’s at this point in these sort of situations that I say I’ll phone Daddy to see what he thinks, and if that doesn’t make him see sense, I threaten to call his head teacher.    Eventually we leave the house only a couple of minutes late.     He then screams most of the way up the road.    Everything is wrong, from the speed we are walking to the route we are taking.    I send M on with the friends we walk with and stay with D, eventually arriving at school just in time for the second bell.    I had no kiss or cuddle from him, which is very unusual.    He must have settled as I had no frantic phone call from the school!

Then I did my wii fit when I got home.   The post arriving just as I finished.

I had a letter from the hospital for my op to remove my tonsils.    I was really excited until I saw the date, right in the middle of our holiday!    When I had my appointment with the consultant, his nurse made a note of when I wasnt available, but it seems this bit of paper didn’t get imputed into the computer!!!   I just hope I don’t get put to the bottom of the waiting list for refusing an appointment!    Then again to get it done after the kids go back to school would make life so much easier!

I then went to peg out the washing on my newly concreted in washing rotary, only to have it crash to the ground, and then I have loads more washing to redo!     UGH!   I think the concrete needs to be deeper, either that or I buy a free-standing one that I can put out when I need it.

On the way to pick up M for lunch, I quickly dropped off some stuff at a friend.   It was a flying visit, but good to say hi in person rather than just on Facebook!

M was in no hurry to get back to school, and only just made it before the bell.   Very unlike him!

This afternoon has been washing and cleaning, and now it’s once again time for peace to be shattered.

I think I need a day off!   Anyone up for the beach tomorrow!!!!!!   I can dream.



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