Escaping for the day.


It’s a terrible thing but when we want some peace we have to make our excuses to escape the house unhindered by the old person.

Today was one such day.    Hubbys brother was visiting with their Mum and we arranged to have lunch.    Now, while old person is invited, it is so stressful having both Grannies badgering the children for the full meal.   They complain if they aren’t sitting still, they moan if they use their hands rather than cutlery, and the dozen or so trips to the toilet get nothing but dirty looks.    Being out with one of them is something we can cope with as they aren’t also trying to compete with each other for prize of favorite grandparent.       We therefore decided we need a way out of the house without her tagging along.

As it happens the film at Kids Club this weekend was The Croods, a film both the boys had said they wanted to see.     We therefore booked tickets for the showing.   They are SO much cheaper booking them online than buying them on the day.   Instead of £1.25 a ticket, it is just £1, and as they say, it’s better in my pocket than on the profit line of a faceless corporation!

The film was really good.    It had the right amount of fear, and laughter to keep kids, both old and young captivated by it.     At one point, I was worried that the Dad had died, and thought they cant do this in a kids movie, and sure enough, he survived to be reunited with his family as they made their way to paradise.      A really good movie.   Definately recommend.

After the movie we made our way to the Harvester restaurant, where we were meeting with Hubbys mother and brother.     It was good to see my B-I-L as we don’t see him that often, as he lives and works in Saudi Arabia.      D loves his Uncle and was all over him from the moment they sat down.    M on the other had loves his Uncle to bits, but is still always wary of him on each encounter.    I do wonder if he doesn’t want to let him get close because he knows he isn’t going to have him there for too long, and its easy to keep a distance, both physically and emotionally.   He did eventually melt enough to sit next to him, but it was with his back turned and his eye everted.

The meal was lovely, but my whole days allowance used up in one meal!    I do find the enjoyment of a meal is lost to some extent when the menu tells you how many calories in each item.    I know its important that restaurants are giving the general population the information about what is being served to them, but I find if I am out for a meal I want to forget about my diet for a couple of hours, even if I will account for it afterwards!      Knowing my main was over 1000 calories didn’t stop me having a sneaky try of M’s ice-cream sundae.

We stopped at Homebase on the way home to get more strawberry plants as we hadn’t got enough to fill our planters in the week.   This gave us an excuse when we got home to go straight out into the garden to get them planted.

Old person didn’t speak for almost an hour despite the boys telling her about the movie.

It is sad that we feel we have to sneak about because of her, but it is something we have to do when he behaviour is more childish than either of the boys.    She winds them up for sport, and it’s just not fair on them.     She tells D regularly she is leaving which of course upsets him, but she either doesn’t realise he tells us everything, or that is her plan to try to get a reaction.    When confronted with what D reports she says, she always denies it, but we all know the only thing D is good at lying about is if he has hit M, everything else and his eye contact is even worse than usual!   This week she was telling him she would be moving into an old folks home, but tried to laugh it off when I asked her about it in front of D.    Her lies will eventually come back and bite her on the bum, when the boys learn not to believe a word she says.    I learned many moons ago to take her statements of fact with a huge pinch of salt, but as she gets loopier her fantasies become worse.

We had a lovely time out, it is just a pity we have to sneak about and then come home to such childish behaviour.


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