Where am I going to?


At last the weather has picked up.   It’s about time we saw more of that strange orange globe in the sky that people talk about.     With the arrival of the better weather spirits are lifted and people suddenly become friendly towards each other!     It has been a long time coming this year, and lets hope it lasts for more than a week!

So with the event of the warming weather, it is time to remove some of our multitude of layers we have lived in over the winter.    I am not brave enough for the lack of clothing you see many wearing – or not wearing, but even I have scaled back.   It feels odd not to be in my cardie all the time as without it I feel lost.   It has big pockets that get filled with treasure during the course of the day, a lego man here, and angry bird there – without my big pockets, I’m having to put away each thing as I find it rather than have a mass empty at the end of the day!!!

I have always been conscious about summer clothes.   They are not flattering on us big people, sleeveless tops, and shorts – NO!.    Who wants to look at copious amounts of excess flesh, I know I don’t, so I would never inflict it on anyone else.   I have however gained some confidence in the stone I have lost.    I feel better about myself – look, I know I’m still a fat blob, I’m not have delusions of wasting away, but I definitely feel better about the way I am.    I am me.   Flab and all.     I just feel that the exercise, particularly the yoga ones, has improved my posture and therefore made me walk with a better frame.    I therefore think feeling more positive about my self-image is helping me keep on track.

Now, keeping on track with the diet, is going well.   I am under on my calorie allowance every day, and as the weight comes off, www.myfitnesspal.com lowers my allowance, which I am hardly noticing.    Hubby and I still managed a lunch out last week, which we really enjoyed without worrying about cutting back because we might not loose weight.    It’s not like that, we eat carefully, and I must say I am eating less, simply because I feel full, and I’m not eating just because it’s on my plate.    I think this is a major difference.   I was bought up with if it’s on your plate you have to eat it, so changing that mind-set, and leaving something when I’ve had enough is brilliant for me.    I have always been a slow eater, but now I use my eating speed to let my body tell me to give up.

The scales have been friendly and I have lost over a stone now.   I am really chuffed with my progress.    My initial goal was to loose a stone by the summer holidays so I have achieved that and am looking forward to waving goodbye to the next.     My next short-term goal though is 2lb, because that will take me under the next stone marker on the scales, and that will be a major mental boost.     Of course I seemed to have plateaued for the last week, but it will go, and then I will be shouting from the roof tops!

My measurements are making me feel good too.   I wore a pair of jeans that have been in the bottom of my wardrobe for years because I couldn’t do them up!    I felt brilliant!     My boobs are vanishing and I will treat myself to a new bra, probably for my birthday in August.   I think I can see it in my face, as I have discovered cheek bones!      I am just waiting for someone I’ve not seen in ages to ask me if I’ve lost weight, because I know that will feel SO good.

All in all, things are going well, as I become less of a person, but a better person all the same!


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