Blood tests and ECG.


My dislike of doctors is something I have never been able to hide.    So to know I have an appointment to get checked for something potential serious is enough to send my blood pressure through the roof.

This morning I had my appointment for my blood tests and ECG because of my high blood pressure.    The problem is my blood pressure is going to be high when put in a position of facing medical tests.

I read what was involved with an ECG and it was simple.   They put stickers all over you and plug you in.    It then prints out graphs of what is going on inside your chest.   Simple.

I was anxious this morning at the thought of it.   The nurse who was doing the tests had a trainee GP in with her, so my stress levels went up even higher.     I was stuck up with the pads, and had all the wires attached.    That in itself was worrying.    The machine chugged away and the nurse said it looked fine.    She then pointed at something on the chart to her colleague.     I didn’t ask what she looked concerned about as she was telling me all was fine.    If it had been something dire, Im sure she would have called a doctor straight through, I assume it was my blood pressure again.    I have an appointment with my GP next week, to discuss the results.

I also had blood tests.   I have always had a problem with giving up my blood, as I am a slow bleeder.     When donating blood, I have been refused on a few occasions because they have been unable to get the required amount within the alloted time.    The trainee drew my blood today, and  I think she emptied my arms.   Yes, I say arms because she took from both!      She took 2 phials from one arm, after taking what seemed an age to find a vein from my better arm,  and then realised it should have been three, so had to dig again in the other arm.    The nurse started telling me off for not drinking enough this morning – well, I was told it was a fasting blood test, which to me means not having eaten or drunk anything the morning of the test.    She explained I should have been drinking water but not eating.   If this is the case, that should be explained when you are told to book the appointment as I imagine I am not the only person who thought a fasting blood test meant nil by mouth.    Ho hum, she managed to eventually find another vein and completed filling the phials.      It’s a good job I don’t have a problem with needles!

It will be a long week until I get the results, but hopefully there wont be too much wrong when I go back.      As they say the waiting is always the worst.    I’m just hoping whatever they say it wont delay getting my tonsils out!    Getting the medical profession to understand that white coat syndrome can stress someone out so much that they are on the brink of a panic attack is really difficult.   They seem to think telling you – usually in a condescending tone – that there is nothing to worry about, will not reduce the genuine fear of the situation.

We will see what next week brings!


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