Shut Up D!


I think I have said those words more in the last couple of days!

Let me explain. It’s not me being an evil Mother telling my children to be quiet, although I must admit most days the temptation is there! No, this time there is a real reason for it. D has a terrible cough and of course the more he talks the more coughs. Being quiet isn’t something D finds easy so I have been nagging him to be quiet!

D has had so many chest infections in his life we are always very wary when he starts coughing up huge lumps of mucus. He has had so many antibiotics I do worry he is becoming immune to them. At one point the winter before last he was hardly off them. Poor little lamb.

One doctor did worry about his constantly crackly lungs and gave him an inhaler. He only used it once and ended up in hospital as he just couldn’t get his breath afterwards. Of course they can not say that the inhaler caused his problems or if it was because he was breathless enough to have needed it in the first place. It’s a caught between the devil and the deep blue see situation. He is having breathing problems so you give him medication which might make him a lot worse. I haven’t given him it since!

He has had 2 days off school now. He WILL go back tomorrow. He is lively enough, its just when he starts to cough he has problems stopping. The one thing about being at school is he is quiet there which will help!

In the mean time though – SHUT UP D!


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