M had his doctor’s appointment yesterday about the headaches he has been having recently (https://jas2jar.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/not-another-headache/).      Hubby went with him as a sufferer of migraines he relates to M better on this issue.

The doctor agreed that the symptoms were definitely those of migraines.    She listened to all that Hubby had to say and thought that M’s random sickness was also related.

So what do we do now?    Nothing it would seem.    She says just to give him ibrufon when he gets one.    She was not interested that every he had been given ibrufon in the past he was vomiting for Britain almost instantly.    She concluded this might also relate to his migraines!      If this doesn’t help, then we will have to go back and they will have to do blood test and then possibly medicate.    I can see this will be the way we go, but I suppose we have to follow the process in the order the medical profession say.    I must say the thought of taking him fro blood tests is not one I like the idea of, but if it helps him in the long run it has to be a positive thing – not that that will help him the day it happens!

The one major positive about the doctor diagnosing them as migraines, it makes it easy to feel confident sending him to school after sickness relating to them.   It is kind of reassuring to know it is something we can put a name to.     We will of course have to speak to the school so they can comfort him if and when he get one coming on during the school day.    It might also make it easier for them to handle him when he is complaining about feeling poorly.    Anything to make life easier for everyone involved.

We have spoken to M about what the doctor has said and that his headaches are the same sort that his Daddy gets.   We havent gone into too much depth though as we don’t want him to think he has another way of getting out of school when he doesn’t feel like going!

I will of course have to do lots of reading now to discover if there are things that we can to make life easier for him.     There are probably dietary changes we can make that might reduce the chance of him getting too many.

It’s always hard getting a medical diagnosis for problems with our children but if it means we can help them better it will ultimately mean we can make their lives better.      Of course I would have loved to have had children that had no need for constant medical interventions, but I don’t, and therefore it is a case of if we have a problem, we ask for help, we find out as much as we can, and then we get on with it.    There is nothing else we can do.


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  1. Miagraines have an aura for some, this can vary, dizzy, vomiting, blurred vision, slurred speech, cold.

    The advil for migraines I have found to be better than the prescription medication. It works best if taken at the first sign of one.

  2. The problem with getting something into him as soon as there is a sign is the problem because its not until he’s really feeling unwell that he says anything. He’s not comfortable telling people how he feels until he has no choice. Its a real catch 22 for him suffer in silence or feel uncomfortable by speaking out.

    • He may not recognize the symptoms yet either. I know how terrible they feel. Something to work on, trying to make it feel better to tell someone that he has one. Perhaps if he distances himself from it, names them as head bangers (what I call them), not that he feels poorly, just that there is a head banger.

  3. I love the idea of giving them a name that doesn’t sound as scary as a medical name. His Dad says he has a “noggin” when he feels a migraine come on, so its an idea we already use to an extent. I think when he gets comfortable with knowing his head hurts for a reason it will be easier to get him to vocalize it, but for now its going to just be us trying to read the signals!

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