Lovely weekend.


Monday morning seems to come around far too quickly!     No sooner is everyone home on a Friday evening and it’s kicking them out the door again on Monday.     Many parts of the country have today as a holiday weekend, but we do not, so it is business as usual for us.

We have though, had a lovely weekend.     The sun was shining and we have spent some quality family time.    We haven’t done anything particularly special, it was just a couple of days that seemed to click.

Friday is movie night in our house, and everyone takes it in turns to choose a movie.     It was M’s turn, and he chose Ratatoullie, his present obsession film.    It’s a lovely film, about self believe and honesty.    If you’ve not seen it, I suggest you check it out.     We snuggled on the sofa, stuffing popcorn.

Saturday morning, the boys and Hubby were on the trampoline while I did my jobs around the house.   We then went to the boys dance class.     They love the class.   It is a special needs class, and I believe the boys being exposed to children with a different set of differences to their own helps them to understand why sometimes people ask questions about them!     The class is organised by SCILL – Deeside –, a fabulous local charity.   On the drive over there the boys asked if we could have a BBQ, I said I hadn’t got anything in, and didn’t know if I’d have time to get anything.   They weren’t best pleased but understood if I didn’t have the food, we couldn’t cook it!    When we dropped them off, I said to Hubby I would pop to the shop and see if I could get some sausages and burgers, and not forgetting king prawns for M!     The boys were over the moon when they came out of their class and I said what I had bought!

Hubby and the boys were tasked with tidying the garden while I prepared the food.   They cut the grass which the boys love doing and it looked good.

We sat together as the food cooked and just enjoyed each others company – something we don’t do often enough but we really should before the boys get to the stage that they dont want to spend time with us old fogies!      We ate and chatted, and laughed the way through the rest of the afternoon.        M ramming in the prawns as if they were going out of fashion, and D trying them and telling M they were totally disgusting!

D’s little friend came over and they played for a while before discovering that Barney had died ( see yesterdays post).

Saturday night is games night in the house.   All these organised nights were initiated by the boys because they have seen it somewhere or anther, and not because we are forcing the boys to do stuff as a family unit, but it does serve that purpose too!     It was D’s turn to choose and as usual he chose UNO which I think is everyone’s favorite.    We have several different versions of the game and remembering the specific rules for each one can result in a few words passed but we usually work it out!   This week it was the turn of the Disney Tinkerbell version – this one has a machine that choose colours for you which can result in players getting handfuls of cards.   Poor Biddy usually ends up on the end of everyone’s nastiness!!!

We wound the game up quite early as Hubby was desperate to watch football.      The boys decided they wanted to watch too, I don’t think it was to see the game, but the idea of a late night appealed to them.     I left them to it as football really isn’t my thing.      At half time, M appeared upstairs, and asked if we could read.    He loves it when we read the Horrid Henry books –, as we have our own special voices for the different characters (he wont read them with his Dad as he doesn’t do the voices right!).    M takes the role of Henry while I do the others, unless someone is screaming a lot, and then M will do that part too!     He might not be doing all the reading himself, but he is having to follow the page to know when his bits are, so I think it does help him when he doesn’t enjoy reading too much at the moment.      We were doing really well with Moody Margaret’s Secret Club when suddenly M started purring.   All the fresh air and slightly later night had taken its toll on him.     He was lifted into bed and that was him!     D came up when the game was over, and almost collapsed into his bed.   He was shattered but didn’t want to admit it!      He took some persuasion to sleep but finally got there!

Sunday morning saw the boys up their usual ridiculously early!    They had asked if we could have waffles for breakfast, so I set about making a huge pile of them, with plenty of fresh fruit which was barely visible under the chocolate sauce and maple syrup!

We then just poottled in the house.   We buried Barney.    Then took it easy.   M was a bit dopey and said he had a headache.    He had probably had too much sun the day before.     Hubby and D went to the park at the back of the house while M just slobbed.

Lunchtime we used up the last of the burgers and sausages and sat in the garden to them.    It wasnt as warm as Saturday, but still pleasant, and you have to make the most of a dry day!    M didn’t want to eat, and just flopped about.

M was finally sick middle of the afternoon, and it seemed to cheer him up.   We will have to see what the doctor says about all these headaches.

We then went through the usual Sunday evening jobs of baths and bag packing.

Even with the sadness of a pets death, and a poorly M, I can still say it was a lovely weekend.   We spent a lot of time as a family unit, with few arguments, which was lovely.     I wouldn’t say no to a few more like this.




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