Sleep well Barney.


Yesterday afternoon our budgie Barney died.     He wasnt very old, just 6.    The death of a pet is always sad but it is a chance to talk to the children about the circle of life.

The really sad thing was it was D who found him and this was while he was showing his little friend his animals!   He shouted that Barney was sleeping on the bottom of his cage, but alas he wasn’t.     To someone who knows D well, the signs that he was visibly upset were showing, but he carried on as normal because his friend was there.

Hubby wrapped him in kitchen roll and moved his cage.

During the evening, both boys were asking about burying Barney, and we said we would and maybe get a plant to put on him so they could remember him when they looked at the flowers.

D has always had quite an obsession with death.   He often asks his Grannies when they will die which is funny to a point but if you think about it, it is actually quite nasty!     We have had so many conversations about what happens when you die and what heaven might be like.    Now, I am not someone of religious faith.   In fact, I envy people who just believe, but I am not one of them.    I do however like the idea that there is a great meaning to our lives here and that our souls do move on to something else when we die.    I suppose the base of it is that its nice to think that loved one we have lost are somehow looking over us from the next life.    It is almost a grabbing at straws that we haven’t really lost them.    So I suppose I would say I may not have faith, but I do have hope!      The boys have been bought up in no religion, but instead to respect people and their differences and believes even if you don’t understand them.   They do however get quite a bit of religious education at school, and often go to the local church so we they do understand about the availability of religion.

Now, D is a very savvy child, he knows the big furry character you see about are really people dressed up, and he is already questioning the tooth fairy and Santa – which breaks my heart to think he is loosing this magic already, but he does believes in heaven.     It is maybe because we have said his Grandads are there that he accepts its existence, I don’t know.

He asked if Barney was now eating seed in the bird-cage in heaven.    I said I hope he was.     This seemed to give him comfort.

M has been very quiet about the whole thing, but has been complaining of being unwell, reaction to what has happened, I don’t know.

This morning Hubby dug a hole in the garden, and Barney was placed into it.   M shut his eyes and said “Thank you for being our lovely pet Barney, I’ll miss you.”     I though it was a beautiful thing to say.    D just looked tearful.   We then planted a lovey fushia on his grave.

We have had budgies in our household since I was little.   In fact our first one was found in our front garden and bought in by my Dad as it looked injured.    It died that night, but my brother and I were heart-broken, so our parents agreed to us having a pet.     We have had many birds over the years, some have been friendly and flown about, others have been shy and not wanted human contact.     They have all had one thing in common, and that is the mess they make flicking seed everywhere!      I am therefore not so sure I want to replace this one.    It would be one less creature for me to clean up after which I would appreciate.    The boys have asked to get a new budgie already, but we have said we need to think about it, and not just rush into it.    Hopefully once the dust settles they will have forgotten the idea!

Barney was a beautiful blue and white bird who has been part of the family for longer than D and we will miss him.     Sleep well Barney.


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