Leaving Home.


This morning D left home.

He made the big announcement and then went! He was still in his pyjamas, no socks or slippers on, but off he went.

Why did he want to leave at the age of 6 I hear you ask? That’s simple to answer. He left because I am such a horrible Mummy. It started when M was playing on the wii. D wanted to help him, that would be nice if D’s idea of help was to assist but it is far from that. His way of helping is to talk to M in a horrible tone, putting him down constantly, then telling him he will do the part of the game he is stuck on, and of course once he has taken control, there is no hope for M to return to the game let alone be able to continue where he left off. In other words, when M plays the wii, D bullies him. We therefore try to stop it before he gets to the stage where M just walks off and lets D win. D did not want to be told to let M played his way this morning, and got louder and stroppier every time he was told to back off. Eventually he burst, but rather than his usual meltdown, he decided he was leaving home.

To start with he walked up the front path, turning every two steps to see if I was going to stop him. He got as far as the wheelie bin and came home! I asked him if he had changed his mind, and he said he needed the toilet.

I went upstairs, but when I cam down, he was nowhere to be found. Front door and back door were both wide open. I shouted both ways, no response. Biddy then says he was hiding behind the conifers at the top of the front garden.

I went out, and once he was sure he had an audience he started to walk on, but had to go slowly as the path is quite rough for bare little feet. He went as far as two door down and sat on the path. I asked him where he was going to go to, just in case anyone asked me where he was. He told me he was going to stay there. Pointing out the speed at which the weather can change I wondered if he might be better off in clothes and shoes, but he said no. I asked him what he was going to do about eating, and he said he would just go hungry – now this made me want to laugh but I managed not to,  as the thought of D considering not eating is way off mark! I then decided to try the emotional blackmail card to make him move. I asked him what he thought we would all do without him, as I would be so sad without my little dumpling. He said I had M so it didn’t matter! This made me really sad that he could think of saying something like that!

Just then M came out to find out what was going on. He told D he was worried about him as he would miss him if he went. He then gave D his teddy and said he would miss him very much – as with most emotional things, M finds difficulty admitting he feels that way and passes the deed to his bear who can have the emotion. He then said to him if he stayed on the street someone would steal him and kill him and he didn’t want hat to happen. D’s eyes welled up at this point and he said M was scaring him. Rather than comfort him, I said that being out in the street by himself he was putting him self in real danger. He said he was scared. M at this point says to him to get back to the trampoline as he need someone to bounce with!

The two of them then trailed into the house and out to the back garden!

Their relationship might not always seem to be a loving sibling one, but today M proved how much he loves D by making him stay, something I was having difficulty persuading him would be the better option than living on the street.

We have no further mention of it the rest of the day, and he has been a jolly wee man, but I might just be putting the keys out of sight for a while just in case he decides to head off again!


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