My brave boy!


Yesterday M came home from school with a broken tooth.     He didn’t know how it happened, but as a child who chews his pencil constantly, I imagine he had bitten on one and done some damage – I’m hoping that’s all it is anyway and nothing more sinister, as nothing came from his teacher saying anything un to ward had happened.

He said it wasn’t hurting him, but it felt strange and his fingers were in his mouth constantly.    I phoned the dentist and managed to get him an appointment for this morning, before school.    I explained to him that we would go and see the dentist, but until then, I did not know what might be done.     He was OK with this, saying the dentist was his friend so would make him better!     I think it is great that he has such confidence in the dentist, but this is because our dentist is brilliant with the boys.   He talks to them enough to engage them but not so much that it makes them uncomfortable.    He explains everything before he does it, and so the boys feel going to there is nothing to worry to about.   Long may this attitude continue.

This morning, getting M ready for school early was not the easiest of tasks, as it can be traumatic for him most days getting clothes on, but we managed it and got to the dentist in plenty of time.    The surgery is just across the road from the school so if timing was right we would be to class for the start of the day.

As we were a squeezed in appointment, we did had to wait for about 10 minutes, but that wasn’t too bad.   M was a little nervous, getting up and down from his seat in the waiting room, but that is just about waiting generally, not specifically there!

M was called in and happily jumped into the chair.    The dentist said the tooth had to come out as it was so badly damaged.   Luckily its only a baby tooth, so nothing too serious.      M looked a little confused but kept his mouth wide open!     The dentist put the numbing gel on the gum before getting the needle to him.     M’s eyes widened at the sight of it, but last night we were reading a Horrid Henry book where Henry had to have an injection was petrified, so we had talked about why people had to have them.    I think that was perfect timing as he knew injections were about stopping pain and not giving it!    The dentist told M it would be 5 seconds, not expecting M to count down for it, so had to change his banter just a little.        As the injection went in M’s eyes rolled a little – I suppose it is an odd  sensation as you begin to lose the feeling in the end of your nose!       He did however enjoy the pink drink he rinsed with once the injection was done.

The dentist took his pliers and with one quick yank, the broken tooth was out.    M looked a little dazed, but was ok.  The tooth was so broken, that there was next to nothing left of it, but the dentist said he would let the tooth fairy know about his bravery so he should check his pillow in the morning.     He got out of the chair and left the room before the dentist could finished telling me how to look after the wound!

We walked over to school, M biting hard on the gauze in his gap.     We went straight into his classroom, just before first bell went.    We found his teacher, as I thought it important to explain to her if M was a bit dopey.     We told her what had happened, and she let M stay inside even though it was really too early to be in!

After school his teacher came out with him and said he had been fine, ditching the biting pad within half an hour.

I asked him how it had been, and he said it had felt funny but was ok now.   He then went on to say that when he had tried to have a drink during the morning, he had just spilled it out of his mouth!    Now, that is a funny sensation when you think your mouth has come to but you can’t actually feel it to swallow properly!!

I am so proud of how well he coped with such an odd and potentially painful experience.   He was amazing.   I think it is all credit to the trust he has in our dentist.      I think to still have great confidence in the man after him pulling at his mouth means M knows it is nothing to be afraid of.

I bought him a DVD he wanted as a reward for being so brave, I think he deserved it and then some!   Well done my big brave boy!


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