Clean it up!


I am working really hard at the moment to sort the house out.    One of my goals for the year has been to finally start decorating and having a good clear out.   Which I have made a good start on.

The problem is the more I try to get sorted the more mess I seem to be making, and this demotivates me.     I have therefore been trying to find a way to organise myself to getting it done.    I need to get my head into a place where I can complete the tasks at hand and then we will have a home that doesn’t always look like a pig sty gone bad!

Anyone who has ever worked with my knows of my love of cleaning rotas.    I have had the mickey taken out of me at almost every place I have worked because of the detailed nature of cleaning schedules I have designed.    The whole point of them is that they tell you what needs doing and when, and what standard is expected after the task has been completed.     If a cleaning rota is done properly anyone could come in and know what they have to do, it is simple!

I have therefore decided to bring this into the house.      If I have a list I can cross things of off, I can have satisfaction in knowing I have achieved something but also I’m not going to keep doing the jobs I like and ignoring the things that really need doing!     I have therefore gone room to room, writing down all the jobs that need doing, be it general cleaning, sorting, or longer term renovation projects.

The renovation jobs have been put onto a separate list because even though I have started some of those jobs, I think the decluttering is the higher priority.    This list is therefore on the fridge for once I am satisfied everything else is up to scratch.

All the other jobs I have split into 3 categories, weekly, monthly and quarterly jobs, and then worked a 12 week schedule which I have put all the tasks onto.      It might sound complicated, but it works for me.    It means I have a logical set of tasks each day, and logic is good.     Because of the schedule, I have taken down and washed curtains that have needed doing for forever, I have deep cleaned the washing machine, polished pictures and I have actually cleaned windows – a job I probably hate above all!

I admire people who can go out to work all day, and clean their home for their family and not build up a sweat.    I just couldn’t do it!     I seem to be on the go all day in the house and still can’t see what I have achieved most days.   Now however, of an evening I write the tasks for the following day onto the kitchen blackboard wall, and then I know what faces me in the morning.    I then with great satisfaction wipe each thing off as it is done.

It would help if everyone else in the household pulled their weight but I feel I am fighting a loosing battle on this one.    The boys will clear the table after dinner and take turns to wipe the table or put the little cleaner around, but ask them to do anything else and I may as well bash my head on the wall.    Hubby works long hours at the moment, and he does a lot in the garden, so I think he does his bit.    Biddy does the ironing but will do nothing else in the house even when asked!     I therefore should probably shut up and just get on with it!

Karen Brady recently said that being a housewife was one of the hardest jobs she had ever done because it’s so unappreciated.    I have to agree with her.   Spend the whole day cleaning and nobody notices, but don’t have time to put the hoover around and everyone assumes you’ve sat on your bum all day!

Oh well, I better get up or everyone will just think I have been sat at the computer all morning when I have things to clean!


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