Not another headache!


Yesterday M came out of school complaining of having  a headache.    This isn’t the first time this has happened.

We walked home holding hands, and then he flopped on the sofa where he stayed until tea time.    I didn’t push him to do homework, as he was as white as a sheet, as whats the point in making him suffer even more – he doesn’t like doing homework at the best of times!      At tea time, he took one mouthful and was sick.    As soon as this had happened, he regain colour in his cheeks and was a little livelier.    After cleaning himself up, he returned to the table, and ate his tea!      He still complained of a sore head  towards bedtime, and so a dose of paracetamol and an early night were in order.      This morning he was as bright as a button and so I sent him to school.    Now, please don’t be shouting at me about the 48 hour rule.    His sickness was not due to a vomiting bug, but due to his headache, and being sick sent him on the road to recovery.

Hubby has suffered migraines for as long as he can remember.     He knows the signs of them coming on, and will take his medication and be off to bed to sleep it off.    Often it will not clear until after he has been sick.      We are therefore putting two and two together and wondering if M also suffers from migraines as his symptoms seems along the same lines.     We have made an appointment to see the doctor for next week, as migraine or not, the amount of headaches he is getting is a little worrying.     He has had his eyes tested recently so we are sure that it is not eye strain causing them.

As with most things, I decided I need to read up on the subject, just to see if we were indeed thinking along a possible route.     I went to the website of The Migraine Trust ( which has a lot of very interesting information.      What I read has me believing more than ever that M does indeed suffer from them.    The way he describes his pain is similar to how they say it differs in adults and children.  An interesting thing I thought was that they talk about vomiting, not always with a sore head are likely symptoms.    The amount of times M is sick for what seems no apparent reason could be tied into this.     They also mention a family history, so he can blame his Dad for this one!    Any way I am reassured that seeking medical advice is the right thing to do for him and we will see what the doctor says next week.

There is quite a lot of information about possible triggers, including diet, stress, sleep, dehydration to name a few.     Well, I know M doesn’t always eat properly, as food can still be quite an issue with him.    He is a stressy child who gets over agitated, but that’s part of his autism so not sure how we can look at that.    Sleep!    I can count the number of full nights sleep M has had in his life on my fingers.   His sleeping has been a major bug bear that we have tried so many things to improve for his and my sanity!     As for dehydration, it’s a tough one as he wont take water, but will drink his squash.     Maybe I should send him to school with a second bottle just in case he empties the first as the weather is warming up.   I think we need to think of a way to ensure he is getting enough fluids during the day.

I suffered a lot of headaches at school and not just to get out of PE or french.   I became very light-sensitive when I got them, and I do wonder if I had childhood migraine now I have read about it.    I grew out of them as they say almost half of sufferers do before they reach 22 years of age.  I can’t imagine now what it must  be like, somethings like pain you wipe from your memory as soon as possible!

The website gives a lot of very useful advice and information about managing and possible triggers of migraine and I would recommend anyone who suffers or has a sufferer in their life takes a look at it.


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  1. migraines are tough, I had them when very young but everyone just said oh a bad headache…. since I have had test after test… there is no reason for them, well none that they found. I do not get as many now, which is great. But I still do have them. They vary so much though, not just from person to person but migraine to migraine. Some may last a short period, some months.

    I am thinking though, dehydration would likely be a big trigger for them.

    Give him a gentle hug for me please.

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