Time out.


Sometimes we all need time out. I know I certainly do at the moment and I definitely deserve some time to myself.

This morning after doing the school run, I did my wii fit session, then sorted the washing.    I then put my shoes and coat on, and said “see ya later” to Biddy.    I actually managed to escape without her.   Usually I will say I’m going shopping and she will have her coat on assuming its an invite to her to join me.    Usually I don’t mind too much, but I really needed to clear my head today, so I wasnt going to have her tag along.

There are only two days a week when I can get things done or go out for the full day, as M stays at school because of Lego club.   The rest of the week he has a home lunch so it really ties me to the house.    I therefore like to make sure I make the most of these days, either going out to lunch, or going and shopping at anywhere other than Asda which is the only supermarket in our town.

This morning when I turn the key to start the car, I felt almost as if I was playing hookey.   Why should I feel like this?   I am entitled to do stuff just for me once in a while without having to be working around what other people want me to do.      I then felt quite proud of myself for putting my foot down and deciding I needed this time out and nobody was going to stop it.

So what excitement did I get up to?    I went shopping!    I know I could have gone off and done something different, but it was really nice to walk around the shops without having someone trailing behind me or making comments on everything I put in the trolley.     It was a little strange to be able to have a proper look at the shelves!    Of course, I bought things for the boys, the old person and even the Hubby, but I did it at my pace and nobody criticised what I was doing.

When I had finished at the shops, it was coming on to noon, so I text Hubby and asked if he fancied lunch.    We had a lovely meal at the restaurant near his work.    Again it was relaxing to not have the boys with us or the old person interrupting every conversation because she can’t hear what anyone is saying (but refuses to talk to her doctor about it.).    We were able to chat and laugh, ok most of the conversation revolved around the boys but that’s just the way we roll.

I dropped Hubby back to work, and then headed home.    I could feel my light mood eroding a little bit as I approached the house.    I really shouldnt feel like this.    I love my Mum to bits, but her lack of enthusiasm for life can be tiring for all around her.    When I moved to Scotland, she had to come with me as I owned the family home having bought it under the right to buy when my Dad died.     Her ability to look after herself was lacking then, and now ten years later it is at a stage where she just doesn’t want to do anything.    It is definitely like having a third child with additional needs in the house as her stubbornness is exhausting, and after all, she is my Mum so you can’t treat her with total disrespect, although some days you just want to scream at her to shift her bum off the sofa!

I think my time out today has recharged my batteries ready for the challenges the weekend will throw at me!


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