Less of me!


It is now a month since I started the exercise regime, and so I thought I’d give a little update.

I will start with making my excuses. Within the last 2 weeks we have had both D’s and hubby’s birthdays ( I know you feel sorry for me having two Taurian in the house!!) and so I have had some, how shall I put it, excessive eating!!! I suppose it could have been a lot worse, but as I have said before, I have no intention of depriving myself, it’s all about knowing not to eat like that all the time! I have enjoyed the treats we have had, but that’s not to say my wont power ( I have lots of will power, it’s the wont power that I am lacking!) has been eroded. And, you know what? Having the mind-set to say I enjoyed that but that’s enough is a new thing, a VERY positive thing. I therefore know I am on the right track this time, it’s going to work! It already is working if I can say I’ve had enough, or pass on something just because I don’t need it.

Now for the positive stuff. I have lost a total of 10lbs in the 4 weeks of doing exercising. Round of applause please…… That’s a good steady rate in my opinion. If I can maintain that I will have gone past my goal of a stone before the summer holidays. When I look at my chart and see the line heading downwards, I do feel proud of myself. I can do it – I will do it.

I measured this morning, and have lost 2 inches from my waist. That I am amazed by. Just goes to show the exercise thing does have a benefit as I must be toning something up. I will have to buy a belt I think! If you see me, don’t laugh at my baggy bum in my jeans. I read somewhere that a good motivational tool is to buy an item of clothing that is too small because when you can fit into it you know you’ve achieved something quite remarkable. I might do that. The trick must be to get something you like but are not going to love otherwise you wont be motivated to keep going with the bulk reduction.

The exercising is getting easier, or should I say less difficult? Most week day mornings I am managing about half an hour on the wii board, and really enjoining. Hubby does a Zumba workout on the wii. I’m not sure if I’m up for that yet, but I might have a go and give myself a laugh. I think the trick with the exercise is that I find something I am going to enjoy. Exercise is something I have NEVER liked and so to keep me into it, I have to be enjoying it. I was going to look at going swimming but as yet haven’t got my bum in gear to look into that. I really must otherwise the school holidays will be upon us and I’ll never get into the pool!

I am still using the http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ app to track what I am eating and how much exercise I have done. It is a brilliant motivational tool, and seems to be working for me to open my eyes to what goes in my mouth compared to what I am actually using up.

So all in all I am feeling very positive about how things are going. I am taking it at a sensible speed and not pushing myself to far beyond my comfort zone. When I feel what I am doing isn’t challenging enough, then I will move up a gear.

Hopefully by the next update there will be even less on me!


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