Hubbys birthday.


Yesterday was Hubbys birthday. He has been like a bear with a sore head recently, partly because of the additional work load he has (people are not having contracts renewed and so less staff are having the same work volume to complete), but also, I believe because he has now hit 45. He is on the slippery slope!

The boys were very excited for the day, and had made him cards and helped me wrap presents. He is quite easy to buy for as like D, he is a massive Star Wars fan and a footie fan. Having 2 ideas to shop from make buying a breeze.

They woke him up at not too bad a time, 7am, and then proceeded to help him open his presents – by help, I mean they ripped all the paper for him and told him what he had!

We then had a lazy family breakfast. I did a full fry up, but healthy style – yes it is possible to have the stuff cooked in a manner you don’t add oil!

Hubby and D then poottled over to the school fayre (as I wrote about yesterday), while M and I made a birthday cake. M loves to help in the kitchen, and he is a very good helper. He listens well to the instructions, that is with one exception – don’t lick the spoon mid-job tends to get ignored, as he tells me he is the chief taster! We made a Darth Vadar cake, the same as I had done for D last week – well, I had bought the tin, and it’s not like its going to get that much use after all!

We spent a lazy rest of the day, as M wasn’t up to going to his dancing lesson, so instead we just spent family time around the house. The boys helped Hubby with a few things in the garden, and by the this time he had chilled enough to be enjoying the company of his children!

Saturday evening in our house is games night, so we decided to have a birthday tea while we played. One of Hubbys presents was Doctor Who Uno, so we played with the new cards and munched on sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, and crisps – a really healthy feast!!!! The boys love Uno and I believe it’s a great game for helping kids with colour and number recognition, that is unless both your children are colour blind then it does get a little more interesting!!!!!    I sat with M and Hubby with D so they had a helper if they weren’t sure, not that they really need it now after the amount we have played.

We played a few hands, and it was Biddys night, as she won hand after hand – the boys get a little irritated if they don’t win every hand, but as they play more they have learned that you can win most hands in a session and still only have a small score, or win just one hand and land a massive score. It’s all a matter of luck with just a little skill and meanness thrown in!

We then did the cake, the boys thinking it very funny to learn alternative words to the traditional version of Happy Birthday!!!! They then proceeded to see who could blow out the candle before Daddy – I think D won! We nibbled on cake as we finished out game, and sure enough, Biddy thrashed us, with both Hubby and M failing to score. We have thrown an incentive for not letting loosing be the end of the world, and that is whoever comes last gets to choose the snack for the following weeks game. M will come up with something he really likes, and tell me by the end of the week what I am to get!

The boys went to bed hyper but happy, knowing they had given their Daddy the best birthday they could.

Happy Birthday Hubby!


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