The School Fayre.


There is no getting away from the fact that the school fayre is the highlight of the social calendar of the children who attend. They are brain washed into believing it is a must attend event – miss it at your peril! From the moment the date is advertised to the kids become hyper with excitement for those couple of hours.

The ladies, and gentlemen (if there are any involved) of the PSA work tirelessly to make the event all it is billed to be. It is a major fundraiser for the school, and means the kids get to experience things they might otherwise not get the chance to do so, such as going to the pantomime at a subsidized rate. All hats off to the organisers for what they manage.

As you may have read, M has been off school for a couple of days having been quite poorly. While he has improved, he is still not right, and so we decided he should give the fayre a miss. You’d think we were physically hurting him. He balled his eyes out and was totally hysterical at the thought of not going. A reaction which continued when hubby and D put on their shoes to go. D promised M he would bring him back something, but M was so angry their was just no consoling him. he went to the trampoline to scream it off, but it was too wet for him to stay out!   I think the depth of his reaction shows he still isn’t right, as to say it was an over reaction would be somewhat of an understatement.    He was angry the whole time they were out, and it didn’t matter what I said or tried to engage him with he wasn’t going to calm down.    He feels he’s being punished for being ill, something that’s simply not true, but his cough and still feeling sick means we are doing it for his own good.

D had a brilliant time with his Dad. I think it was good for them to get some one on one time. They arranged a meeting place should they get separated and they each had their spends before they set off!   D was excited to be going, but he was also being sensitive to M, as he knew what missing the event would mean to him.

They returned about an hour later loaded with treasures! D had won a blow up sword from the test your strength, and a packet of maltesters from the tombola! Both great wins. Hubby then opened his bag. He had 5 winning tickets on the bottle stall, so he was happy! D then presented M with a poke of sweeties, and a car he had bought for him! Sometimes he can be a lovely brother, and despite their constant bickering, they love each other dearly, and worry if the other is under the weather.

D’s one gripe about the mornings proceedings was that there was no second-hand toys this year. In previous years he has returned with some brilliant things, but alas this year they have taken the fayre a little more up market.    It is after all a money-making exercise and I doubt much is made from the small amounts they charged when they had this stall.

All in all he had a fabulous time out, and enjoyed seeing his friends at the must attend event of the year. We have had to promise M we will attend the town gala in the summer – we just hope te weather is better this year than last when it rained, and rained, and then the rain got heavier! The joys of organising something in the summer in this country!

I hope the PSA have made lots of money for the school this year.   Its work that is much needed and appreciated.


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