The big date!


Yesterday was a big day for D. It was his first time going for tea at a friend’s house by himself.

As I have said before, D has 2 really good friends, a boy and a girl. They both live really close by, and are both in his class. D is devoted to the pair of them, and almost every choice he makes is followed by a comment saying he likes such and such because one of his friends would like it. It can therefore be very difficult to actually know if he is doing things because he believes they are right or if he is doing it to look good to his peers – something most kids do I suppose, but a child with only a couple of friends it maybe seems more pronounced. While they will play in the park near our houses after school, D has shown little interest in wanting to play with either of them outside of the school routine. It has been suggested on numerous occasions, but he always finds excuses not to. We haven’t pushed him on the issue, but have tried to encourage him that it would be nice to do.

Then a couple of weeks back, Hubby and the boys were on the trampoline after tea, and D’s girl friend was playing with her brother out the back of us. She came over and spoke, but D was almost disturbed by her presence. Hubby spoke with him about if he’d like her to come and bounce with him, after a little deliberation, he said he would. Hubby said to her that if she wanted to come in, she needed to go and tell her Mum were she was. She reappeared a few minutes later, and Hubby left them too it. I sent a text to her Mum just to make sure she had told her she was coming to ours – we have had several times when M has gone into a neighbour’s house, telling them I know where they are, and I haven’t! I therefore don’t let kids into our house, unless parents know they are here, and if I don’t know the childs Mum, the child doesn’t play in our house or garden. I don’t think you can be too careful on this one, for the kids, the parents, or your own sake.

D’s little friend has been over several times now and after one visit, D told me a big secret – he loves her! Oh to be six and in love!

The girl’s mother asked if D would like to go over for tea one evening. When I asked him, you’d have thought he had won the lottery! He was jumping up and down so excited.

Yesterday was the big day. He almost ran home from school. He got changed, and sat down to do his homework without a word! D and homework are usually a fight that needs a lot of coaxing and time to make him believe he has to do it!

As the clock got to 4pm, he was out the back door and over the mound, just as I got a text to say they were stuck in traffic so would be a little while. I called him back, and every sound had him rushing to the door, just in case it was her come to get him! It was only about 10 minutes later and he flew out the door.

He got home just after 7pm saying he had had a lovely time. He looked so happy! He said his tea wasn’t just good but double good, and he had been into her bedroom!!!!!!

His good mood didn’t last long though. Suddenly he just exploded. Started screaming and throwing things. He had been such a star when he was out that I think it had taken it out of him. He just needed to release. He usually let’s go when he gets out of school, but had had to keep it together for an extra couple of hours, and that must had been so difficult for him. To check your emotions and force your brain to respond in a particular way must be the hardest thing in the world. Just think what its like when you smile sweetly at someone you want to be saying rude things to, and then times that by 100. That is how I imagine it can be for D some times. When the world is closing in on you but you have to push through, knowing sooner or later you are going to snap back and let it all out. I don’t know how he copes with it. I am proud of him for managing as well as he does.   I know the angry scares him.

When he calmed down he went to bed shattered. It had been a long tiring day for him. He still says he loves her, I just hope the love triangle that is the three friends can be stronger!

Oh to be six and in love!!!!


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