Poorly baby.


M is a poorly little boy today. It did in fact start yesterday.

Before school yesterday morning he was trying his dammedest to not go to school. Something we have lived through on many morning, so I just tend to tell him to get dressed and the fresh air walking up the road will help clear his head! It seemed to do the trick as he went in no problem. At lunchtime he seemed lively enough, and ate his lunch as if he was starving! He was happy enough to go back, so I assumed he’d got over whatever was going through his mind in the morning.

At school run time, a couple of M’s classmates came out and told me he wasn’t well. I just thought he’d been playing up trying to get out of something. He then appeared with what looked like a real gob on his face. His teacher was with him. She tells me he went as white as a sheet before being sick. Poor baby. The class were heading out for some PE for the afternoon so the teacher thought some fresh air might help clear him. He certainly had some colour on him, but was looking very lack lustre.

Walking home, he held my hand the whole way , something he rarely does for short moments, let a lone the complete journey.

He didn’t want any tea. He said he wasn’t hungry and just flopped on the sofa. That’s were he stayed until he started purring, sound asleep.

I managed to wake him to get him up the stairs. It was quite comical having him flop on D’s bed while I tried to undress him. He was just like a floppy rag doll. He was a dead weight trying to tackle him up onto his midi-sleeper. It certainly gave me a workout!

There he stayed.

He had what can only be described as his longest sleep ever! He woke when his Dad got up for work at 5.30 and demanded a drink, then climbed into our bed and went back to sleep.

D of course managed to make enough noise to wake the dead as usual when he got up! M followed D down the stairs. He then took up a position on the sofa from where he hasn’t moved all day.

He has been sleeping on and off. So unlike him.

I hope whatever it is that ails him is a short lived bug. It is so sad to see my usually lively baby just flopping about.


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