Cinco de Mayo


Happy Cinco de Mayo celebrations for the weekend just past.

Now, I have a confession to make, until this year, I had never heard of Cinco de Mayo, let alone knew what it was. This year however the expression has been everywhere. I had to look it up to find out more about it, at it literally means the 5th of May in Spanish. not very helpful in trying to find out about it! It is an American holiday, originating from the Mexican border regions, and was a celebration of the call for freedom during the American Civil War. It is now a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.

Now, that’s the history lesson over. So what does it mean to me and my family? That’s easy to answer a really good excuse to eat Mexican food, not that we really need too much of an excuse!

The boys love most things if they are wrapped in a tortilla – when I say wrapped, it starts that way, but M has to unwrap it to eat the separate components.

I was lucky enough to be asked to try some products from the Discovery food range. A range I have used before, so it was a good excuse to have food we all love.

The problem in our household, like many is that different people like different strengths of spiciness in what they eat, so I tend to err on the side of mild and then those that like spicier can always add extra flavours once it’s cooked. Its easier to add and impossible to take away!

One of the boys favourite dishes is brilliant to use with wraps. It is a slow cooked gammon joint. The fact that it is slow cooked, I tend to buy one of the cheaper gammon joints that are often miss shaped, after all, it’s going to be shredded once its cooked, so I don’t need the perfect shape.   This therefore makes it not just a dish I know they will enjoy but a relatively inexpensive one too!

I used the fajita seasoning to rub on the meat and allowed it to sit over night, to absorb some of the flavours. I then put it in the slow cooker with just a small amount of water, so it is cooking in its own juices. I then forget about it for the rest of the day! This type of cooking is my favourite, easy to prepare and yet will look impressive when it gets to the table!

One of the products I was trying was the Fajita Season and Sauce (, not something I had previously used. It has the seasoning for the meat, and the sauce with all the vegetables in one go. Brilliant idea. I didn’t need to use the seasoning, as I had seasoned from the Perfect Fajita Kit ( I did use the sauce which as soon as the heat hit it smelled divine, and added the cooked, shredded gammon.

By this time I had company in the kitchen as the smell was amazing!   It is a sign of a good meal when I get a queue of chief testers.

The tortillas were warmed, and I had to add an extra packet as 8 in the kit is never enough as the boys like to nibble on them as well as eat them with the food. The meat was a little spicier than I would usually do it as the kit was a medium strength, but there was my secret weapon, the Garlic and herb soured cream. This is a new addition to the range, so new in fact it’s not yet on the Discovery website for me to link you to it! Now, I usually find soured cream quite insipid. It has little flavour, and it gloops around your mouth, so I was interested to try a flavoured version to see it was more palatable. I was pleasantly surprised, as was everyone else! The flavour wasn’t too strong, which was good as M says he doesn’t like garlic, but is happy to eat it if I don’t tell him. I thought it was really pleasant, and a good squirt of that on the spicy meat gave it a rich creamy taste. I think my view on soured cream has changed if I can have this one in future! D ended up with a dollup on his plate and was tearing off bits of tortilla and dipping it in! Not the most elegant sight, but I think it meant it was a big thumbs up!

The Discovery range is more than just tortillas, and salsa, and while it was a brand I had previously used, it was one I  definitely wasn’t aware of the extensiveness of the range offered. The website is brilliant too (, lots of information about the products, but also an amazing recipe binder, which I have bookmarked and will be checking out some new ideas! There’s also some fun downloadables for the kids.

I may have been given these product to try but I feel lucky to have discovered Discovery!


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