Party time!


Yesterday afternoon was D’s birthday party.

We had booked at the local restaurant that has a soft play room.   D had wanted to go there because he loves the bear character.   When asked where he wanted his party this year he had chosen to go there because he felt he would be too old next year to give cuddles to the bear!    I’ve said it before and im sure I’ll say it again, D has a very old head on his shoulders!

It had been hard for him to think of who he wanted to invite as he can never remember names. He knows he knows people, but asking him who they are and he will go into a panic!   It is a case of him being friendly with many but friends with few.    I can relate to this in him, as I remember names, and I remember faces, but have great problems putting the two together. I usually end up calling people dear or darling, so if I call you by your real name, be impressed that you have ingrained yourself in my memory!

The invites were sent out early as the party would be on the Bank holiday weekend. He invited 20 which soon came down with people who were away for the long weekend. A couple of people didn’t get back to us either way, and his best friend isn’t too well at the moment, so it was hit or miss as to if he would make it, he didn’t.

D told me what had to go in the party bags. I find this very stressful, as it is a great pressure to make sure a child leaves a party with a bag of booty that they will enjoy! I know my 2 can really enjoy themselves at a party, but get a grotty bag to bring home, and the whole thing looses its edge! I bought various small sweeties, and a couple of toys – D approved and said he would like these if he was given them.

Both boys were really hyper all morning, asking if it was time to get ready about every 5 minutes from the time they got up! It was a 2:30pm booking so it was a little tedious by the time we went.

There was a lovely girl assigned to look after us at the restaurant, and she was absolutely brilliant with the children. There were only 9 children who came, but it was a group that were able to interact. They had face painting – D was spiderman, as were 2 other boys. M doesn’t like having it done to him, so declined.

The food was lovely, it was platters of chicken nuggets, fish Goujon, corn on the cob and chips, followed by ice-cream! D was then presented with a big chocolate cake a light with candles, for him to blow out.

He was also a very lucky boy with some wonderful presents, all with a Star Wars theme. I think his friends know it is his love in life!

He came home a very satisfied boy.

We have had home parties in the past, and I must say, the hassle just isn’t worth it in my opinion. By the time you have bought, prepared, and cooked the food, organised entertainment, cleaned the house – before and afterwards, I can say I believe it works out no cheaper. Going out for a party is just a case of turning up, paying, and leaving again. My idea of an easy afternoon!

I’m glad he had a fabulous time, but I’m also glad its over and done with for another year!


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