Making the bed!


Today is the day to make the bed. not in the usual sense of changing the sheets and covers, but D has a new bed.

M has a midi-sleeper, which is about 4 ft high with wardrobe and desk underneath, and he scares the life out of me every time he jumps of the top rather than use the attached ladder. He is very agile with ridiculously long legs – so long in fact I can only buy trousers with adjustable waists, as they are 2 sizes to big for him, but any smaller would not be long enough. He loves his bed, it is his sanctuary. I don’t like it, as I don’t do ladders. I get very panicked if I try to get up there when I change the bedding!

D has always wanted to progress to a bed the same as M’s. I think he sees it as a grown up bed. We have delayed and delayed with making a decision, but it got to the stage where even replacing the mattress wasn’t going to make his old bed live for much longer. However, the problem is that D is the opposite to M, in that he is long body and short legs. To see him climb onto M’s bed is painful to watch as he heaves himself up, and so it just wouldn’t be sensible to having him crashing out of it in the middle of the night when he needs a wee. We have therefore decided to get him a cabin bed. It is higher than his traditional bed, but this means it has drawers and cupboards underneath for storage, but it is nowhere near as high as M’s.

We let him choose the one he wanted so he wasn’t too disappointed with not having what he really wanted. D has his head screwed on, and we were honest with him about our concerns if he had a high bed, and he understood. He has asked if once his legs start to grow he can eventually have one the same as M. We said yes, but I think this one we have just bought will have to last many years!

I ordered it and they said it couldn’t be delivered until next week, that was fine, it meant we could get his birthday out-of-the-way before having to worry about it. It arrived on Thursday!!! Luckily I was able to accept it, but it has meant we have climbed over boxes of bed bits for a couple of days. It has however had a positive, being the long May Day weekend, we have an extra day to get it sorted.

Yesterday morning D took a couple of laundry bags upstairs to put all of his cuddly buddys into, as they are having to have a bath (going in the washing machine) before being allowed anywhere near the new bed. He did however return for 2 more bags as he has a huge amount of chums he sleeps with! I think I will be washing them for the rest of the week, as despite having a large drum washing machine I have done 3 loads and the pile hasn’t diminished in the slightest!

Hubby and the boys then went to work dismantling the old bed. I kept well out-of-the-way. Saying I was available should I be needed. Piles of pieces old wood kept being moved down the stairs, and eventually the bed was no more! I then went in to clean the carpet. It always amazes me how much muck can get under a bed!

There wasn’t time to make the new bed with dance classes and everything else, so D had his mattress on the floor last night. M decided to join him and the 2 of them snuggled up under the duvet on the floor! They looked so angelic – not something you’ll hear me say too often!!!.

This morning Hubby loaded everything into the car and him and D headed off to the skip to get rid of the old bed.

Then the hard work begins! Hubby has taken all the bits of the new one up the stairs. There has been plenty of banging and whizzing from the drill. I learned long ago, to wait to be asked for help rather than get in the way! The boys have however been really good helpers, doing what Daddy has told them.

Keeping busy has been the best way to occupy D rather than let him get over excited for his party this afternoon.

I will go up later and make the bed the traditional way, when they men folk have done the hard work of actually making the bed!!!

I just hope D enjoys it when he climbs into it later.   We will see……..


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