Not a good diet day!


The diet has been going really well recently! I have been feeling really good about myself, which was the idea I suppose!

The big test comes on days when you are faced with temptation and how that is handled.

When I decided to embark on this campaign to change our lifestyle the one thing I decided was it was not going to be about deprivation. It was going to be about re educating and whenever possible choosing the healthier option. I think to deny myself everything I love has been where I have failed on so many previous occasions. When you really want the biscuit and the craving becomes unbearable I intend to have the biscuit because I know if I don’t, I would get to the stage when only the whole packet would do. This is where the app for tracking food has been really useful. It means I know if I’ve got enough calories left I can afford a treat. Hubby particularly likes a supper snack, more often than not a packet of crisps, so he inputs his food for the day once the boys are asleep to know if he can have it. It means he’s not missing out on something he enjoys but by tracking he knows if he deserves it. He’s loosing weight at a steady pace too!

I have been managing most morning to do some exercising. However, I have had M off school sick on one day, and D off yesterday so have missed a couple of days. I must say I have actually missed it on those days. I will have to find something of an evening to do!

Days like yesterday however are diet nightmare days. I am however not going to let it get me down as it just had to be done.

Firstly, D was home and it was his birthday, which meant a poorly boy got his way when he wanted snuggles on the sofa.

I then had to ice his cake. A Darth Vadar one of course. Licking fingers is just part of baking isn’t it? I did make a light sponge to reduce the fat content, and I think it works better with a totally iced creation.

D was asked what he wanted for his treat for tea and he asked for curry! As I said the other day he has an adventurous pallet! He was feeling better by mid-afternoon so we ordered in for our local Indian takeaway. It was fabulous! I really enjoyed it. I did however not eat as much as I usually would have. I honestly believe that reducing my eating recently has made me want to eat less. Its not taking away from my enjoyment of it, I loved what I had, but knew when to give up before I felt like bursting.

I was slightly over my calorie allowance yesterday but its not going to get me down. And it won’t today either when we have leftovers! After all, don’t they say guilt lowers the metabolic rate? It was a treat that’s not going to be repeated for a while. I enjoyed it but am not going to let a blip of over indulgence derail my motivation.

I enjoy my food and don’t want to loose that but I am learning moderation is the key.


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