3 May 2007.


The 3rd of May 2007 is a date that many people will remember. It is the day that Madaline McCann went missing. It is therefore a day many people believe they remember well. I on the other hand remember it well for other reasons.

That day was the day my baby D came into the world. A day I will never forget.

My bundle of joy did not want to enter the world so we had quite a day of it.

Let me take a step back. I had a really bad pregnancy. I was sick every single day, being hospitalised on 2 separate occasions as a result. You can easily see why I was so pleased when the end was in sight. My blood pressure was a problem, and as a result of that, I had a scan about a week before he was due. The scan showed a baby with a mass of hair. I immediately panicked that it was going to be a girl. Not that I wouldn’t have loved a girl if one had been born, but it would have been a long-term problem with our house. I was however a relief when he was in fact a boy!

I was taken into hospital for almost a week before we finally had a baby. I was induced, and nothing happened. I was in the labour room, and still nothing happened. It was history repeating itself. I had had the same problems when M was not wanting to be born, and because of his and my blood pressures, they ended up as an emergency section. I was therefore able to ask for a section this time rather than continue and causing the baby distress. On the evening of the 2nd May, they agreed I would be first on the list the following morning.

I lay in my bed that night, scared and worried. I imagine many mothers have the same things going around in their minds, about if they will love the new baby as much as the one they already have, or if the first-born will understand the world no longer revolves solely around them. I was also worrying because I didn’t want a girl!!!

I rang Hubby at 6 am, and said to get to the hospital asap as I was getting ready for surgery. He organised the old people to look after M who was 18 months old at the time. He then arrived at the hospital. And then we waited. There had been a couple of emergencies. I understood they had to take priority. The day went on, and I was getting rather miffed. Then the consultant arrives and says they have decided I should try a natural childbirth, and I hadn’t given it a chance. Hubby asked him to read my records about what had happened with M, and that it was following exactly the same path. I am not sure as it if it was cause or effect, but as the afternoon progressed, my blood pressure was causing concern, and by the evening, they decided they had to prep me for surgery.

At 9.02pm, a screaming hairy bundle was shown to us, and to our relief it had the dangly bits! I fell in love at that very moment.

D has grown into a lovely boy. Yes, he has his problems, but if he didn’t have such a beautiful heart they would be so much harder to cope with. He is affectionate and caring to those he lets close.

This year he was very excited about the thought of having to have his birthday at school – something I’m quite jealous about as I’m a summer baby so never had a class birthday. D has few friends but is friendly with many. He has quite a harem of older women in his life, with many girls in P6 and P7 talking to him, and often confusing him, as he has no idea why they would know his name!

Yesterday he came out of school looking like he could burst into tears, when I asked what was wrong he said he had a headache. That was basically him for the evening. He snuggled on the sofa. He tried some tea, but I ended up with a lap full of regurgitated chicken and noodles! We put him in the bath to clean him up, and he was so upset that by missing school he wouldn’t get to wear the birthday hat! He is devastated by this in fact!

I put him to bed, and he asked me to tell him about the day he was born. As you may remember, D wants to know everything about things he asks about. I just started talking and my poorly baby was snoring peacefully within 2 sentences. He woke up screaming about 10pm, but was soon back to sleep and that was him until 4.30am when both ratbags appeared.

They were very good though, going back to sleep for a while and didn’t attempt to open any presents until 7am, which is our time for day to get active. M was very good asking D to let him help him open his presents. He didn’t get anything big, there was nothing he needed or wanted, but instead he had lots of little presents, the majority of them being with a Star Wars theme!

He has had a good birthday I think. He’s not done too much as he’s not been up for it! I have made him a Darth Vadar cake, so I just hope he’s able to blow out his candles!

So I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby. I love you very much!


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