Furbaby goes to the vets


As you may remember, our family life changed dramatically when we decided to get a kitten.         We actually got a pair of brothers who have now grown into huge monster cats.    Then, because I have always had a thing about gingers, we adopted another wee boy a while later.        It was this young man, Rupert who was off to the vets yesterday.

Rupert is just coming up to 6 months old.    He is such a character.      He is much more laid back than the other two, maybe because he came as an individual rather than as a pair, I’m not sure.     He is full of energy, and climbs everywhere and anywhere he can – often screaming for help when he can’t work out how to get back down!  He is though a very affectionate , loving nothing more than to cuddle up on me, and giving me an exfoliation!       Its lovely the way he head butts for attention, that is other than in the middle of the night when he has a habit of crawling along my body and sitting on my neck and face!      It took a while to get used to waking up with a tail tickling my nose!

Well, as I say, he will be six months old in a couple of weeks, so it was time for him to head to the vets to be castrated.      Adopting cats from the Cats Protection, as we did, it is one of the things they insist is done.        We have a lovely vets her in our little town, which is small and friendly, so I booked him in.

Now, Rupert, being a ginger, is very close to D, or should that be said the other way around?   Anyway, D totally adores his little Ginger mate – he was named Rupert when he came to us, and the boys decided to keep the name, D, being a huge Harry Potter fan, believes he has been named after Rupert Grint who played Ron in the films.       D in fact does treat Rupert as a friend and confident.     He will talk to him as he would one of his human friends, and he talks for him to the rest of us!      Once the appointment was booked, D started telling him what would happen.     Now, D may live with his aspergers, but he is your typical 9 year old boy, obsessed with anything that he thinks is a little bit rude!       He therefore seemed to enjoy talking to him about having his “balls chopped off”.        It was obvious though that D was worried for his friend.   After all despite  his gabbiness, he is an extremely sensitive lad.

Rupert had to be checked in at the vets at 8.30am.     It was perfect timing really, because it meant the boys could accompany him and still get to school on time.    Hubby was working from home – me thinks someone else was concerned about his baby so arranged that one, so he said he would go up and then take the boys to school.         Both boys asked, well no, demanded a home lunch, as there would probably be news by then as to how Rupert was.

Rupert was packed into his traveller – luckily he enjoys it, and D put in his favourite toy – a Simons Cat ball, just to keep him company.

When Hubby got home, he said the vet was pleased with his growth, and he seemed fit and well for his op.     She suggested calling about 1pm to see what time he would be cleared to come home – perfect timing for the boys at lunchtime.

As soon as the boys came out of the playground they were asking if there was any news, which there wasn’t.      About a quarter to one, I was telling the boys to get their shoes on – they have to be back at school for 1, and D handed me the phone, saying I had to ring about Rupert before they went.     I of course obliged, and was told he was doing fine, and everything had gone well.      A time was arranged to pick him up.    D went berserk when I said he would be collected at half past two, as it would mean he couldn’t go.     He sat down, refusing to return to school.    I explained to him that by the time Rupert had been given his final checks, and we got him home, he would be home from school.    He reluctantly returned to school, getting there just as the bell went!

Hubby and I both went up to the vets.      The nurse who spoke to us, gushed about what a lovely boy he is, and how much he enjoyed chin tickles – in other words he had wrapped her around his little paw in no time at all!        We were given his paperwork, explain what he had been given and what we should do for his care over the next few days.    On top of this printout the vet had written that he was “a lovely, friendly wee man!”        We then got him and he looked tired.

When we got out of the car at home, Spot came rushing over and started nuzzling his bro through the bars.   Then Fluffy arrived and meowed very loudly at him – it was obvious they had missed their baby brother.

We were told just to give him something light to eat because of the drugs in his system – he was having none of it, and went straight to where his bowl is and meowed until some food was put out.       He seemed ok, but sleepy – thinking as a human when you have an operation, it takes it out of you, and sleeping is the best thing, so we just left him.

When D got home, he was brilliant when he was told not to handle him too much and to let him lead as to what he wants to do.      I then asked D if he remembers when he had an operation – he had his knees pinned a few years back, and how grotty he felt afterwards,    He said he did, and so showed great empathy towards Rupert.

During the night, Rupert came to give me my usual face sit, but it was more of a pounding as he couldn’t get comfy.

This morning, he is running around as mad as ever.     He is lively and well on the way to being back to his usual self.    He does look funny though trying to sit down as it obviously feels odd to him.     He’s eaten, drunk, pee’d and pooped, so his insides are all fine.     He is still a bit sleepier than usual – he curled up on my lap for a snooze just after the boys went to school, but its bound to take a while to clear his system properly.

He goes back to the vets on Friday to check all is well.      I am sure it will be a quick appointment as he is pretty much back to normal already – normality for anything in this household is of course a little different!

It will of course take a little longer for the fur to grow back where his leg was shaved for his drip.    In fact this looks so much worse than the actual wound site!

D is more than happy to have his chum back.    It will now be interesting to see how he gets on when he takes on the mean streets!

Family Swimming


With the Scottish premiership Football league on a winter break at the moment, it means that Hubby and D are now not rushing out to see their beloved “Mighty Red Machine.”        It’s quite nice to have the family together for some R & R as a group rather in splinter segments.      It is such a rarity for there to be nobody having somewhere to go at any point of the weekend.

We decided to treat the boys as it was the first weekend after the return to school.   They were asked earlier in the week what it was they wanted to do, and there was no hesitation from either of them when they asked to go swimming.      The plan was made that Saturday morning we would head into the city to the beach leisure pool.     The boys, well, no all of us, love this pool as there is a wave machine, and a rapids alley, as well as various shooting beams of water, and slides.     One of the slides is included in the entrance cost, while the other more dramatic slides have an additional cost.

You would think the boys had never been swimming before by how excited they were.    For D the excitement was that he wanted to wear his new wetsuit.   I had got it for him as while he loves swimming and is very water confident, but he feels the cold and so doesn’t want to stay in the water long.

Saturday morning, they were ready to go about 8am!      They pool isn’t open for public swimming until after 11!        D loves the slide at the pool, but because it is closed in, M has always refused to go on it, so D spent the morning trying to talk him into it.     By the time we got to the car, M said he might try it.    I told him not to feel pressured, but if he wanted to do it, his Dad would go up with him – I’m too fat and wimpy to do those sorts of thing!

When we got there, parking is a nightmare, as it’s on the beach front, so no formal car park.     Sometimes you can park and have a good long walk getting to the building – this is fine going but coming back it can be freezing with the sea breeze when you’ve got wet hair!     We were lucky though and managed to get a spot not too far.

Because of the boys autism, it means Hubby and I get into the pool free as their carers.     It does however, always confuse the staff on the reception desk, as they are never sure what to look for on the paperwork we have as proof and then unsure how to ring it through the till.     We have got used to having to explain it all – I am sure we are not the only people using the facilities that have this problem!

Then the blow.   The wave machine and rapids were not working, and the pool slide was not available.      D was about to go into meltdown when the lady said that it meant they were not charging for the other slides for the day.     This made D almost run to the changing rooms.     He had always wanted to try the big slides but we had never been there at a time they were available.      M point-blank said no to the big slides, and I think he was a little miffed having mentally prepared himself to go on the smaller one, but it gives him until the next time we go to do it because he wants to and not because his brother has talked him into it!

The boys who had their costumes on under their clothes were nagging for me to hurry up and get changed so they could get into the water – they are always really good waiting for us before they go in.

It was quite busy, but we were able to swim around.       Hubby and D decided they were heading for the slides while, M and I stayed in the pool.       A few minutes later, I saw D at the side of the pool in tears.     He had hated the big slide because it was so fast and steep.     I told him that he wouldn’t be made to go on it again, and that maybe when he was older he could try again.     He looked genuinely scared.   Hubby said almost as soon as you were in it was a sharp drop and your face was full of water so he understood why D didn’t like it.      Needless to say he didn’t try the other 2 slides available.          We did a lot of swimming and playing about.

We were in the pool for just over an hour.    I think that’s long enough for them to enjoy it without getting too bored!      D’s wetsuit seemed to do the trick and keep him warm, but he did have great difficulty getting it off when it was wet!!      I don’t think he will be using it when he goes swimming with the school this term as I can’t imagine him getting help to peel it off him!!

After we left the pool, it was lunchtime, so we treated the boys by heading to KFC, somewhere we haven’t been for a very long time.      One of M’s class mates came over to say hello to us.    It was actually quite sad to see M not knowing how to interact with the lad, because he didn’t belong there – something we have had on many occasions when he encounters people somewhere he doesn’t usually see them, so in his mind the encounter was wrong.

We then headed home.    M had done everything he had been told he would be doing, and so he needed to get back to the house.      He had a lovely time out, but only to the point of doing things we had spoken about before we had left.     We had completed the proposed outing so home we had to go.

We just chilled the rest of the day.    It was really lovely to have spent some positive family time.    Nobody fell out with anyone.   The only negative was D not enjoying the slide, but he did soon get over it.          I do wonder if we had such a lovely day because weekends can usually be busy going here there and everywhere.

Lets hope that 2017 will continue to include lovely family days like this.



New Year, New Term


Today is the day I have been counting down to from the time the children broke up for the Christmas holidays.    It is the day the children went back to school!    I know, I’m an evil mother, but both boys need the routine that school affords them, as they find the randomness of holiday time rather disturbing.

D shows his frustration with the lack of routine by getting angry with the things he does and everyone about him.    It is hard to know how to handle his behaviour when he is like this, as he is down right horrible.     Knowing that  he is not behaving in this way because he’s being naughty, doesn’t make it any easier to handle when he is being both verbally and physically violent.     It isn’t just those around that he is angry with, but also himself.     He sees everything he does as being a total mess up.     If he is reading a book, then he is a terrible reader.   If he is playing a video game, he is useless and the game has been hacked.     If we are playing a board game and he is not leading then he will tip the board because everyone is cheating just to get at him.     It is so sad to witness his self loathing.     He totally believes that the he is not worthy as a human being when he is confused by life.       Usually some time out and he is totally apologetic about his unacceptable behaviour.    He knows it was not a way to behave but has no control over his brain during these episodes.

This morning he was very excited to be returning to school.     He wanted to spend time with his friends.     It was lovely to see him looking forward to going out.    I just wish this enthusiasm would last the whole term, but I fear when he starts to feel not stretched the way he thinks he should be.     This lack of feeling motivated at school is often of his own making because he only tries hard at things he enjoys, namely maths, and finds other things a chore so doesn’t put in the effort as much.

M still has ridiculously crippling panic attacks at the thought of leaving the house.   He has therefore been getting panicked about the new term pretty much since the old one finished.      I do wish his problems were just about not going to school, but it is bigger than that, as he needs full details of everything he will be doing every minute he is out of the house.    Without this level of information he gets so stressed that he can physically make himself sick.       Over the holidays, he has been happy to amuse himself, only wanting human contact on his own terms.   It is quite heart-breaking when some days he even finds sitting with the rest of the family for a meal difficult and wants to take his food to his bedroom.

During the last week, he has had very obvious anxiety.     I have had to remind him that school was still a while away, just so he doesn’t emotionally loose the down time he so desperately needed.       Yesterday though I couldn’t lie to him and we had to face the reality that school would be happening.     We kept the day as busy as possible, but he was bubbling with negative emotion through out the day.      He sat on my lap during the evening, because he need the reassurance that only a Mummy cuddle can deliver.

Getting the boys to bed was relatively easy last night – they had a few very late nights over the holidays so was expecting fights when they had a strict lights out.     Luckily no!

Then yo-yo boy started.   M was up because he needed the loo.     Back to bed.     Up because the cats were in his room.     Back to bed.      He just wanted to have a cuddle and bought one of his cuddly buds to see me.       Back to bed.     Then the loo was needed again.     Finally he was back to bed where he stayed until this morning.

This morning, his Dad was working from home, so he came down to see him before he came to see me, happily putting his freezing cold feet on me.      He had a special treat for breakfast by having chocolate spread on toast – usually it’s just cereals on a school day.       He then sat on my lap, trying to calm himself.    He was stammering and falling over his words as he couldn’t get his brain and voice box to work at the same speed.      I then put my favourite cat site on Facebook for him to look at the pictures to take his mind of the day.       Getting him dressed was painful as he really felt he couldn’t go out of the house.     We managed to get there though by promising him a home lunch, so he only had to manage 3 hours before he could get some down time.        After a few more delaying tactic – couldn’t find his shoes, or his school bag, he was finally ready and went off with his brother and his friends.

At lunch time he was in fairly good spirits as he, had a good morning doing maths.      He ate his lunch then started talking about that he has no friends and the only people he can talk to about anything are me and his Dad.      While its good that he feels able to talk to us about his feelings, it is sad that he doesn’t feel there is anyone in his life he can have secrets with.     I do believe he is jealous of the fact D seems to make friends quite easily, and has positive relationships with them, and he has a teacher – from a couple of years back, that he adores to the point of worship, so has that positive bond there too.    M has none of it.     Luckily most of D’s friends get on well with M so when they are in the house they interact with him too.

With a lot of persuasion we managed to get M back to school in the afternoon, although he didn’t want to go.

Life is difficult for both boys when the usual routine is changed.      They both love the down time of the holidays, but find the lack of routine difficult to handle in different ways.        M though finds time out of the house difficult.     The world is a scary place for my boys.

Day 1 though is done, its just getting the rest of the days until the end of term – which D is already counting down to, that will be a daily challenge.